Saturday, May 10, 2008

First Hair Cuts!

Today we finally decided it was time to get the girls hair cut. It's been growing like crazy and looks soo shabby if we don't put it up. Yesterday we left it down and for the very first time a lady at papadeaux asked us if they were fraternal or identical. Paul started laughing because they actually didn't really look the same since their hair was all over the place. SO, we took them to this cool place called, At first we were REALLY annoyed...i had made an appt for 9am sharp, since i knew if we got their first we wouldn't have to wait, etc. Well, we were rushing b/c we were running a bit behind this morning. LOW and BEHOLD...the lady that had the key to open up was TWENTY minutes late! Paul was really getting annoyed...but i told him i was not leaving till the girls got their hair cut! Anyway, to make a long story short...the girls all got their hair cut. Hannah got to watch Barney the entire time of her hair cut...which by the way looks precious. Sam did AWESOME too...i plopped her in her little car and she just sat their all by herself like a big girl and a PRO at hair cutting. Sarah was another story...she was NOT going to sit in the car for the life of her. She screamed and screamed...i felt horrible. I tried to force her into the car...but she was flailing all about. Finally we decided the best was to get it done was for her to sit on my lap. So, on my lap she sat. It was hilarious because their little personalities came out a bit more today. Sam totally clung to Paul when she was scared and Sarah to's been like this since they were born and THAT has never changed. Hannah on the other hand, goes both ways...she will love on whoever...normally she'll go to the one that she didn't get in trouble with 5 minutes before! LOL! All in all, it was a great time and they look SOOO cute! Hannah was up first! She got to watch Barney!And the finished product! The lady did a great job after i made her cut more off of her bangs which looked like they hadn't been cut at all the first time!Waiting patiently with their baby bears!Sam in the red car...waiting patiently. Not scared at all! She is one brave baby!Getting her hair blow dried!With her hair up in clippys!Ok, this is one cute pic! Sarah got a lolli pop to begin her cut. She was scared the entire time! Holding on to that lollipop with her hand...not the handle. One mess to clean up later! YUK!

Mom & Sarah both draped for the cut. I had to hold on to her face to get her to stay still.


Jamie said...

Awww! Their hair cuts turned out great!!!! I've never had Kendyls officially done! I'm curious to know how she'll do!!

Gibson Twins said...

Very cute pics! I love taking pics during special "firsts". What a cool salon too! The girls all look so sweet with their bangs trimmed too- I am impressed that they did so well for you. My Alli girl would not do so hot. Good thing because actual bangs are not in her future, but the downside to that is I have to put her hair up every single day, and lately its becoming a fight :(

I can't believe the kiddos got to be in the pool- awesome! It's cold and rainy here so our pool won't get used til probably closer to June.

I have taken Ryan to the salon once but this time, I did it by myself since I was just using clippers. I had him in his high chair and he was a fraidy cat so I just held him still toward the end.

Happy Happy Happy Mother's Day!