Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our first outing..just us Girls!

We finally had our first outing...just my 3 girls an me! It was a semi-spur of the moment trip. I have been thinking about it for a while...but every time i think about it i frighten myself. Thinking about 3 children...all running separate ways and me trying to haul all 3 back into the car. Well, this morning I just made up my mind we were going to get out even if it was the worst day of my life and i regretted it forever! SO, since the MOMS had a trip planned to the Oil Ranch( thought what the heck. What could be the worst scenario. Maybe a kid or two get lost! LOL! EVEN if that did happen...i'd still have one or two left right? OK, all kidding aside...i made up my mind and i was going to do it no matter what. I didn't RSVP b/c i wanted to make sure all the girls were semi-well. So, this morning when i woke up they all seemed like they were doing ok. Hannah was coughing a bit...but not THAT bad. Sarah's nose was a tid bit snotty...but definitely not THAT bad. So i kept checking my email to see if they were going to cancel b/c the weather was 40% chance of rain...but there was a TON of rain on the radar. I called Melody, and she said she was i rushed as quickly as i could and packed up everything i needed for 3 children...threw the choo choo wagon in the back of my car(in one piece, which BTW Paul, i need you to show me how to disconnect the back wagon). And off we went. The ride up was a bit worrisome b/c the further i got up north...the clouds began to come in...which could only mean one thing. RAIN!!!! By the time we were about 20 miles into our 30 mile journey, it was REALLY dark. I called Melody and she said she was a bit behind me...we kept laughing because i kept describing that the clouds were getting darker and darker! It was pretty dark and windy by the time we rolled into the parking lot. Then the pouring began. Now to those that don't know anything about the oil's an outside venue. You can milk a cow, pet animals, they have a swimming pool, a train ride, a hay ride swings and just about anything that a farm has and then some. We took Hannah back in Oct. by ourselves while Pauls parents watched the babies. We had a blast. Anyway, to get back to my journey...i jumped out of the car...and it was windy and rainy. So, obviously the oil ranch was not going to happen today. POOR JOYCE(the lady who set this all up) was standing out in the rain waiting for everyone to show up to make a new plan. They had all just gone to the ruckus room yesterday so they really didn't want to go back. BUT after going back and forth for a bit we decided that, the ruckus room it was. Back in the car and 30 miles back towards home...OMG..the girls were WIDE awake giggling and laughing in the back seat. Well i had promised Hannah if she was a good girl i would let her watch Barney on the way home. Since she didn't get to prove herself, and we had a 30 min trip back towards home i decided to let her watch her movie. Although one of the t.v's does not work right now b/c BAD PAUL crushed it with the drivers side chair when the babies were still facing backwards and the t.v kept hitting the back of the car seat....the girls seemed like they could all see the one on the drivers side just fine. Barney was a HUGE HIT! The girls were oohing and ahhing the WHOLE time, laughing and giggling and just having a BLAST. Ahh...a relief..considering we had 30 min in the car back towards home. We get to the ruckus room and i just told Hannah will do the regular drill as we do when i take them to MDO. This consists of unsnapping her, getting one baby out, going around to the other side, getting the other baby unsnapped and out with one hand, and then pulling her out and she CAREFULLY shuts the door(i watch her very very closely b/c i always worry about her slamming her finger and hand). We got into the place and got through the gate and Hannah really stuck with us for a bit. We went into the baby room and played on the jumpy thing in there for a while. The girls didn't really get into it that much...but we played anyway. Then had some snacks and then played with Sydney & Katelyn for a while...along with all the other kidos. There were TONS of twins was so much fun! We played and played and time just flew by. Then my most dread part...trying to get all their socks & shoes on and get them somehow rounded up to go home. It was funny b/c all the MOMS are so sweet...they were all asking if they could help, maybe block a child in somewhere...whatever i needed. I managed to sucker them into leaving with Barney & lunch! SO, i gave Hannah her last warning to get moving and sure enough she did great! Got everyone out to the entrance, put shoes on and we were ready to hit the road. The owner even made Hannah a Kitty cat balloon. I scooped the twins up into my arms, said bye and we made it out the door and then just piled them into the car the way we do at school. What a great day! Everyone had a blast...the girls behaved themselves until we got home and everything. Then we had some lunch and then the attack happened. Go figure...Sarah ATTACKED Sam almost right after they started playing after lunch. ERR...i was furious. Then she tried to bite me! I don't get it...but sooner or later she WILL grow out of this! Either way...things have settled down and they are playing nicely right now. Just the two of them. Hannah is in her room playing with her new toy from her happy meal and everyone is exhausted...or I AM FOR SURE! :)

Think that's all for now...One of the MOMS took a pic for the monthly newsletter of me and my girls...i'm going to have to email her and see if she'll email me a pic. I wanted to take a ton of pics...but i was so pre-occupied with the whole deal i just plain forgot! Next time i won't!

That's all for now...Happy Hump Day!


TheHMC said...

I'm glad that you got out and about and had some fun! I hear you on juggling the little ones, although.. I don't have 2 the exact same age like you do (my 3 youngest are almost 4, almost 2 and 5 months.. so at least the 5 month old can't run away yet lol). I've been trying to get out more so that the younger ones know how to behave properly in public, but some days I just don't have the energy lol.

I'm glad that you had a good time!

Ashhog said...

I am a mom to 6 month old twin boys and found your site through another twin mom blog. Your kiddos are cuties! Can't wait to read your stuff on how do you do it. I love that site! :)


Jamie said...

Sounds like quite the busy day!!! It really can be an adventure going out alone with the kids can't it!?!?! I do it regularly with all my kids, and its quite a task!!!

BoufMom9 said...

Sounds like a fun day, although I am sad you missed out on the Oil Ranch. That would've been really great! (hope you get to do it soon!)
It's good that you made this step in getting out alone. It will open so many doors for you. I do take all nine out with me on occassion because I have to and I certainly hear you on the exhaustion. LOL
ps LOVE the new header!!!

Lisa & Gerald said...

Glad you guys had a great outing only the girls hehehe love the times with my girls too.
this summer we are thinking about going to Colasanti Its A big place for the whole family to enjoy from young to old. They have a big flower shop ,Petting Zoo, arcades room and a kiddies land with rides
Its close to Windsor & Pelee Island
Leamingtion Ont Can't wait to go its about a 2 hour drive for us.

Harris Boys said...

hey brenda!! I miss reading your blog, work is keeping me pre-occupied! glad to hear you got out with all the girls alone. Its get easier the more you do it. Hope you had a nice mother's day. Have a great friday!!! Katie

p.s I love the new header too!