Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mothers Day Dinner a day early

We had our Mothers Day Dinner on Sat night instead of's too hard to make reservations...then end up sitting and waiting somewhere with 4 kidos. So, we opted to go to Salt Grass Steak House with my family Sat night. As usual, the girls had a blast. Someone even asked if Hannah & Allison were twins since they are exactly the same height, etc. They COULD totally pass as fraternal twins.

Allison & Hannah just hanging out. Mikey(really Mike) our waiter...who was actually Paul Ex-employee. He moved on to wait tables and go back to school...but we go visit him everyonce in a while. Since we had decided on Saltgrass i made sure to make reservations for his tables. He is soo good with kids & a great waiter!
Sarah...just smiling...look at those even bangs! They looked precious!

Sam hanging out with Daddy!
Sam & Grandpa!
Sarah & grandma!
Prego Auntie Jennifer! Hannah & Allison were taking some of the pics...can't you tell?!
Sarah playing peek a boo!
Yep, Hannah took this pic! I'm not quite sure what Allison was doing here???
Grandma & Grandpa! Seriously, Hannah took this pic!
Allison again...I think i took this one since Hannah is in the background!
Mikey again! He's such a goofball!
Making funny faces...i TOLD Uncle Jeff to make one too..he looked at me like i was silly! :)
Goofy Hannah!
Uncle Jeff playing peek a boo!
Dad must have taken this one...I think Hannah & Allison were deep in conversation!
Sam playing peek a boo...seems like there was lots of that going on at our table. I wanted to point out the poor lady in the pink dress to the right. I think we probably scared the begeeze out of her with our loud table and her being prego. If i had been prego and sat by our table i would have had a HEART ATTACK b/c the girls were soo loud. It wasn't a crying loud...just a fun screeching loud. Poor Gal!
Family one but the twins looking! Dad & Sam!
Goofy Hannah!
More goofy Hannah!
Sooo cute..
Happy Mothers Day to all my new found blogging friends and All our Family that read our blog!


Harris Boys said...

hey brenda!! I always love getting comments from you. You are so sweet!! I would LOVE to get our kiddos together, they would have SO much fun!!! too funny our kids had their first haircuts on the same weekend!! Hope you had a wonderful mothers day. I hope to start blogging more, hopefully!!

take care! have a GREAT week!!

Lisa & Gerald said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time!
Love the pics of your family!