Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The day is just dragging and I need to VENT!

Today has just been one of those days. If you have twins or more your more than likely know what i mean. You just can't make the twins happy for the life of you. They can't stop fighting for anything...hell, not even if they are BOTH PLAYING WITH THE EXACT SAME TOY. They will still fight over the one the OTHER one has! OMG...i'm emotionally exhausted. I truly thought by 16 months...the days like these would be far and few between. BUT the fighting goes on. I just don't know what to do. They always have fights...ALWAYS! Today, i don't think i've caught more than 5 minutes without fighting or crying. It drives me crazy. I get so upset i want to take EVERY toy in this house and throw them all away and start from scratch so that EACH child has one of the SAME toys! One of the same books,etc. I just don't get it. I've called Paul a couple of times..just to vent b/c i feel soo helpless! On top of the fighting and non-stop crying...i must have slept bad last night because my neck and back are killing me! I took some tylenol...maybe i should have taken some kind of happy pill instead! LOL!!
And to those of you who have a perfect life and you don't have days like this...GOD BLESS YOU! In a perfect world my girls WOULDN'T CRY OR FIGHT...but my world is NOT perfect and i'm not going to sugar coat it today! SORRY! I have kids that fight, bite and cry A LOT! I do what i can to keep them happy..but some days it's harder than others. Today is a harder day. To those of you that think a child acts by what the parent teaches them...I totally disagree. You can give a child every ounce of love and attention you have..and then some..but for someone with 3's always divided and shared and that's just NOT the answer.

The girls are finally down for their nap...AMEN to that! I just needed a few minutes of peace and quiet. A few minutes to vent. A few minutes to relax my neck and back(maybe i'm all tense and it's stress, who knows)! Now, i need some bon bons...some ALL MY CHILDREN...and A BEER(like my girlfriend Katie always's 5pm somewhere) LOL! Ok, just kidding about all that! I don't eat bon bons...i haven't watched all my children since i was 10 and i don't drink alcohol except for our Friday night dinners! UGH!
Hope all are having a better day than ME!
On a lighter note. Paul and I took the girls for our evening walk and ran into Amy and her kidos who were also going for a walk. We took a walk together...Hannah just loves Amy & Brians' kidos. They actually play ALMOST EVERYDAY. We'll take our walk and their house is on our little route, so we stop and play for a while...goodness the other night we didn't get home till 730p b/c the kids just wanted to play and play. Normally they ride their's actually motivated Hannah to ride her big girl bike now! FUN FUN! Anyway, we walked Amy over to her parents house a few houses down from ours yesterday...I got to walk and hold Baby Solomon half the way there! He is precious! Anyway, after we got over to her parents...the kidos all wanted a turn riding in the Paul gave them a ride. They played soo good they all took turns who would ride and who'd push in the back. So, front to back..Sam, Ethan, Sarah, Tabatha, Hannah & Naomi. One day baby Solomon will be able to play'll be so much fun. It's actully soo cool b/c our kids are like steps..Tabatha is 6, Ethan will be 5 in June, Hannah will be 4 in Aug, Naomi will be 3 in Oct, The twins will be 2 in Dec and Solomon will be 1 in Dec(the girls and Solomon have bdays that are 5 days apart)

And just as i'm finishing up this post...the kidos are ALREADY up...nice 20 minute nap! AHH!!! The crying is back already! TOMORROW will be a better day!


Jamie said...

I'm sorry today is a rough one. It really does seem to be going around with kids lately. There must be something in the air!

I hope the day gets better!!!

Harris Boys said...

tomorrow will be a better day!! I know boys go thru this all the time must be the age. I'm sorry big hugs coming your way. Hope tomorrow is a better day. Now you know why I decided to start

BoufMom9 said...

Ok, well, atleast you got a nice walk in... and an adorable picture to post. ;)
I am soooo sorry you are dealing with all this stress! I wish I lived close so i could come over, & we could have a play date (you & I, not the kids. LOL)
I stress because E & W hardly play together...but I guess with what I have, I am lucky, because they never fight either.
I just can't imagine! UGH!
I would bet your neck & back is from stress and not sleeping wrong!
Here's hoping, no, praying, that tomorrow is better. :)

Lisa & Gerald said...

The joys of having little ones I still have to take toys away from them and they are 4&6. If they still fight after. I will grab a garbage bag and take it up to their room. I will tell them well i think its time to go thru your toys again will wait to hear what they have to say. then i will start filling the bag heheheh after i do that I take our little girls for a car ride and drop off the bag at any 2nd hand store. It really works Our girls have way to many toys. Its also a great way to clean up their room and play room Im so mean Oh well my girls learn from it real fast if they don't get along!
Best of luck with your little girls!!