Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day Presents

The card says: "I Love you Mommy" - I love you mommy, I love you true, Happy Mother's Day Mommy, From me to you! - Love Sarah & Samantha made one too!
This is one of my all time's HILARIOUS and perfectly made from my sweet Hannah! "This is a gift for Mothers Day. I'll be my best in every way. But if you get upset with me, Sit down, Relax and have some tea!" - Inside the card was a little tea packet! I almost cried when i saw was almost like the teacher knew the kidos this age can be little stinkers every once in a while. LOL! And to top it off, it was made in the shape of a little tea pot! SOOO CUTE!

This was another card from Hannah...OH I LOVE cards from my big girl!

Inside it said " Open the closet. What do you smell? A gift from me to you. It's Mothers day, so i made a sachet to help your clothes smell new. It's made of leave, petals and things. I wrapped them all up tight. And when you smell it, you will know that I love you with all my might! Happy Mothers Day! ~ Hannah(she signed her name)

This one is too cute! It's also from Hannah. It's a pink hand print on canvas. They made the hand print into a flower. And then even put in a picture/plate holder. It was amazing! I'm going to keep this one out forever!

My Favorite Part of being a mother is receiving how made presents x's 3! This was the first year for that...and i relish the days of home made presents. It's amazing how much time and effort the teachers at the girls school put into making gifts for the kidos moms! This year I truly had to hold back tears b/c the presents were soo precious! I didn't want to cry b/c then they would have though there was something wrong...but it was SOO sweet! I had a GREAT day and i hope everyone else did too!
On top of all these cool home made presents, Paul bought me a very nice earring and bracelet set from james avery! I love it! Of course Hannah grabbed it and ran off with it after she opened it for me! LOL! There is nothing in the world like having 3 girls that are all soo girly! Sometimes i really feel sorry for my hubby...his life is going to be filled with pink, jewelry, frilly dresses, bows in hair, and lots of cute shoes, purses and clothes! I wonder what he did that made him such a lucky man! LOL!!!
It's just so funny b/c when i met him he had lots of money to play with...his business was really starting to pick up...and he would buy neat guy things for himself and computer gadgets ALL the time. NOW, life is so's filled with diapers, diaper wipes and babies, screaming, fighting, giggling, hearing "MA MA" in their beds in the morning..kisses and hugs and more love than i could have ever imagined! LOL! My, how life changes in just a few years(well, 7 total now). But in all reality...what would life be like without children...i ask myself that all the time. I'd be bored...have no reason to roll out of bed so early in the morning...our house would be silent...there would be no pitter pattering of 6 little feet running all over the place, no excuse to go to the zoo(who sees 2 adults going to the zoo by themselves), no trips to the play thing in the middle of the mall, no excuse to go on a Disney cruise(and save money for years to go there), and no excuse for everything our life revolves around now! I just couldn't imagine it. TO ME & PAUL it'd almost be unbearable. We LOVE the fact that we wake up in the morning and have 3 babies to chase around all day long. We do relish the peace and quiet when they nap...but my life would be so boring without kids.
Well that's all for now. Hope ya'll enjoyed seeing pics of my Favorite presents from Mothers Day! Paul did a great job waiting on me and making sure i had a great day. He's such a great husband and a amazing dad...he changed SEVEN poopy diapers in ONE day all by himself! LOL! Now THAT is a man for you! GOOD JOB HUNNY! Next up, Fathers i guess i'll be changing all the poopy diapers on that day!


BoufMom9 said...

Sounds like a GREAT day for you! I LOVE the gifts your girls made for you! Just FABULOUS!
I really love the homemade gifts too! I never thought I would, but boy, who needs store bought things when I can be given something straight from the heart?

Sandi said...

Awwww, VERY sweet! I can't wait! I still have all that stuff from my son.

Christine said...

Ahhh, happy mother's day!