Sunday, May 25, 2008

Our bags are packed...and we're ALMOST ready to GO!

In less than 12, we'll set out on the biggest adventure in our girls life so far(or at least the twins). We will be leaving on a 10 hr drive to FL! I am so excited, but also a tid bit nervous. Who is crazy enough to take 3 children on a road trip for 10 hours??? Yeah, i'm not sure what i was thinking!!BUT, Paul & I LOVE the beach and the warm we're going to have a blast. I have had a few nightmares lately about drowning kids/loosing we've decided that one day i'll be in charge of the youngsters...and have my eyes on them all day. IF, i get into trouble or need help with them i'll holler at Paul...while he is watching Hannah(this is where being out numbered really bites the big one). Of course we'll be together all day...but we need to designate who's to watch who so there's no confusion at all(and we're not all watching one and loose sight of the other one). I wanted to get the twins life jackets for extra protection...but they do not make them for smaller babies...probably b/c if a baby falls in the water she/he won't really know to hold their head up anyway(i guess). Anyway, i'll update as soon as we have some great pics of the blue water and beautiful beach! OH, i can't wait. We haven't seen a real beach in 2 years now...almost 3. We took Hannah on a cruise to Mexico back right after she turned one...and that was our last real big trip! So Paul and i are thriving for some white sand beaches and blue water. I know we have beaches here in TX, but they are NOTHING like the beaches on the other side of the Mississippi river!

I kinda went over board with cool, new things to try out for our trip. SO, i'm sure i'll have some good things for my next product review next week(if i'm able to throw one together quick enough).

Have a Happy & Safe Memorial Day!

Since my sweet hubby is such a computer geek, he's even taking our router for our we can more than likely have internet access in the hotel.


Lisa & Gerald said...

Have a great time!!

Jamie said...

I hope the trip goes (is going) well! I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back!

Carrie & Brook said...

I'm late but, I hope you are having a great trip!