Thursday, May 22, 2008

Don't forget...

To check out MY birth story on Sat. afternoon! Also, i have another article on product reviews..haven't even started that one yet!

I've been working on my birth story furiously for the past few days...It's REALLY grab a beer or glass of wine and make it your nightly reading.

P.S. We leave on our first Vacation to FL in 3 days(I know debi, i failed to blog about our planned did i forget that?!). I don't know if the hotel has internet or wireless...i'm taking my computer just in case. O dear, what am i going to do if i can't blog while i'm gone?? I have everything on my list done so far(hair done, toes done, cute clothes that fit bought, little desk pad things for the girls car seats, lots of dvds, tons of snacks, tons of cute clothes and swimming suits for the girls,etc)...except for the bad man that hasn't gotten our t.v shipped for the car(since one of the head seat t.v's was broken when the babies seats were flipped around the other way). OOOO...he better pray we get it tomorrow or his ebay score is going to go down! Otherwise, we're going to have to go running around town to find one..then dispute the charge with paypal b/c we did buy it now, (last Friday) and have yet to receive it..even after the bad man charged 20 dollars to ship locally and emailed my hubby and said he'd contact him today for delivery...never called him...nor emailed him! ERRR...i'm MAD!

Hannah is so excited and told her entire class that she was going to the beach...I can't wait to see FL. I've never been there before...and i love traveling to new it'll be exciting to me!

If anyone has any great tips on traveling in a car with 3 kidos for 10+ hours, please leave me a comment or let me know...and the tip can NOT include the word benadryl in it! LOL!!!!



BoufMom9 said...

I am going away this weekend too! I was going to put a little thing on my blog in the morning! I WON'T have internet for 4 days! FOUR! I am going to DIE! LOL
The only suggestion I can give you is try to travel during nap times. That is what we are doing. We are leaving tomorrow after noon and have a 3 hour trip to the mountains of Pennsylvania.
Have a GREAT trip and looking forward to seing pictures!
:) debi

Lisa & Gerald said...

Have a great trip to the beach! I will misses ya so much!
Hey go to the dollar store and find some things that the little ladies would like to play with for the car ride. This may keep them busy for abit but not to sure how long heheheehe Good luck!

Jamie said...

I bet your vacation will be a blast!!! And you'll have lots of fun a pictures to share when you come back!!!!!

Off to read your stuff now!!!

Harris Boys said...

ohhh have fun, can't wait to hear how things go since we're taking the boys down to destin in august. I bet the girls will do great! my rec is to leave either really early or leave at night time so they will be sleeply and hopefully sleep the whole way down. we can only wish right.

Have a great time Brenda, can't wait to see pics when ya'll return!!