Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Babies are growing up too fast!

Today i dropped the girls off at MDO as usual. I took them in the room and then remembered i had diapers in the car to take in for the twins. I went back to my car and grabbed the diapers and went back in to the classroom. Everyone was having snacks. I wish i had had my camera because my baby girls were drinking out of regular cups...NO LIDS! It was the cutest thing ever. They are(less on little girl that just started to walk and is a month younger than them) the youngest in their class. The teachers have slowly been transitioning them to regular cups because it's easier to use the mini Styrofoam cups. Ms. Anna said last Thursday, she noticed the twins were checking out everyone else who was drinking out of the cups w/o lids and so she thought she'd try them for the girls. She said they did really good on last Thursday. I had no idea. SO, today they were drinking out of them again..i can't believe it!

Next step is talking in sentences. The girls are a bit behind everyone. b/c as i said, they are the youngest. SO, it's funny but it seems like once one child starts doing something...the next is not far behind. Right now it's so cute when i walk in because they are all yelling..."BYE, BYE"! And some say "Sarah & Samantha". SOO CUTE! As far as i can tell...the girls are really becoming a part of the class and the children are all so welcoming to them. Samantha actually already has a little beau...his name is Everett! Ms. Anna told me the other day out of nowhere Sam started saying "Everett, Everett". She had never heard Sam say anything till then. Nice, my daughters first word at school is a BOYS name!

All right, today has been a busy day..i haven't stopped going since i dropped the girls off. I had to get a key made for Ashton(our dog sitter), got my toes done, went grocery shopping, and then to babies r us for a new backpack baby bag, since my old one was SOO yucky, i threw the entire bag away! I loved that bag and was so sad to get rid of it..but it was also falling apart...stuffing coming out everywhere and just not zipping up very well. I also bought the video "Jungle Book" to watch on our 10 hour drive, since the girls LOVE animals soo much!

O yeah, one last thing. Is it bad to lie to your daughter? I totally suckered Hannah this morning. Last night i took her upstairs to her own bed and we slept in the bed together since of the whole hacking nasty cough she has had. I finally listened to my sister and took the cool mist humidifier and cranked it up with the door closed and we stayed up there together. Anyway, i got up early this morning(about 530a), before any of the girls were up and came down stairs to take a shower. She got up a bit later and came down and was hacking and hacking...but she didn't cough all night. NOT ONCE! Anyway, i asked how the slept and she said really good. I told her(since she didn't know if i was up there or not) that she had slept by herself ALL night in her room all ALONE. She honestly has no idea i was up there since i snuck out this morning. I'm trying a bit of reverse psychology. So, i asked her how it went...she said good. I told her after she went to sleep i came down and slept in my own bed. She seemed excited! Like, now she knew she could do it on her own. SO, i told her...if she wanted i'd go upstairs and sleep with her tonight though. She said OH NO, i'll be just fine! LOL! Hmm...i'm not sure if i'm a bad mommy for lying to her and playing games on her head...but IF she sleeps up there tonight by herself...it'll have been ALL WORTH IT! Cross your fingers for us. I'm soo ready for her to go upstairs in her own room so the girls have more room in their bedroom and she has more privacy up in her own room!


Carrie & Brook said...

I would have no shame whatsoever in telling a harmless little white lie. Think of it this way, she will thank you when she's in college!

What is the MDO?

I bet you are getting excited about your trip! I figure one of these days, it'll be warm enough to wear sandles and show off my toes that are nice and warm under my SmartWools.

BoufMom9 said...

OH! I sooo would've told the same lie! LOL I am glad it seemed to work! Please keep us updated on how it worked tonite! (fingers & toes are crossed for you. LOL)
I can not believe your girls drink from cups! WOWIE!!! That is HUGE! What Big Kids!!!
Ok, so where are you going away that you will be in the car for 10 hours and how did i miss this post???? (LOL)
:) Debi

Jamie said...

Gotta love reverse psychology! I do the same thing! I say if its for their own benifit, it can't hurt right?!?!

You're so close to your trip! I bet you're excited!!!!

And the drinking from cups . .. Kaleb and kendyl probably COULD, but I'm too affraid of the mess that would surely follow!!! lol