Friday, May 16, 2008

ALL SORTS Of stuff going on!

First and foremost the girls FINALLY got over most of their snotty noses...THEN low and behold Hannah started with her cough. I KNEW it was coming...but last night was HORRIBLE! I probably didn't get 2 or 3 hours of sleep...on top of that the babies obviously could hear her because i don't know how many times they got up crying last night. I tell ya, having 3 can be EXHAUSTING! So, the first time the girls got up last night i snuck into our bedroom to tell Paul..guess what he was doing??? YEP, while mommy was up taking care of one sick kid worrying about the two crying babies my sweet loving hubby was sound asleep(yes, today is dog on daddy day b/c i'm grumpy and VERY sleep deprived)! Anyway, Hannah was back to the coughing thing and it was bad. I slept on the couch with her in hopes that the girls would get some sleep...but i heard them crying on and off last night. SO, i'm not sure if they got much sleep either. This sickness ALWAYS falls on the weekend of our children's matter when it is...i don't even know why i bother to RSVP when i usually have to cancel! UGH! We are going to wait it out and see if things get better...but the way things are looking..i don't think we're going to make the children's social OR the bday party for one of Hannah's friends tomorrow.

Ok, i wrote the top earlier, since then, Hannah woke up from her nap and sounded like she was loosing her voice, so i called the dr. and she sent a z-pac to the pharmacy and Hannah's going to do a 5 day round of antibiotics...we just can't afford for her to be sick when we leave in one week.

In other news, i've finished up my post for the "how do you do it column". I'll publish tomorrow! COOL RIGHT? Sheesh, with all the things going on i was worried i wouldn't get it finished...but since i'm out on the couch tonight again...i have a ton of time to myself to sit and think. Although, Hannah being sick is not the way i want to enjoy my quiet time sitting on the couch...i was able to finish up the blog and i'm ready to publish in the morning. If you've read my blog, you'll notice i just mainly did "my 3 favorite items" from my post a few months ago. No biggie. Next week i'm doing a post on step 2 products, since we just got in our cool sand and water table and we have the awesome choo choo wagon we couldn't live without these days. We are also doing one extra post each on our birth story...yes, that should ring a bell. I had originally said i was going to do it for my 375th's still in my saved files...just hasn't been published b/c i'm not done. It'll be done this week...or i sure hope so. Then i'll be moving on to 400 posts! YIKES, time just flies by!

O yeah, that's another thing...we just got in the sand and water table from step 2 yesterday. I put it together today and all 3 girls LOVE IT! Now, i have to say...the whole sand and water thing struck me kinda weird with 2-17 month old little girls...but i added water and sure as i turned around, Sam took a bath. SO, what would any smart mommy do? I drained the water and put sand in both sides. The girls LOVE it! LOVE IT LOVE IT! Uh...they love it soo much we were 1 hour late for our afternoon nap today! Yeah, i put them down at 3pm today...and boy, they were NOT happy. They did NOT want to stop playing! I'm really happy i went through the trouble to order it on line because some of those sand and water tables are really small and the one we bought is big enough for 3. I had originally bought one from walmart...but i took it back b/c Paul said it was WAY to small! The new one is perfect! Plenty of arm room...plenty of sand & plenty of toys! Have i mentioned that i LOVE step 2 products. They are built soo well. I see keeping the choo choo and sand & water table for a long time!

Ok, well i had originally written a long post about the twins and how much they are talking these days...and how sweet little Sam finally said a word in front of Ms. Anna...but the blogger ate my blog! BAD BAD BLOG PEOPLE! SO, i'm not going to start over about all that tonight. I'm going to finish this up and sit her and watch my OWN shows tonight on the comfy couch by my sweet sick baby instead. SO, that's all for now folks! TGIF...or better yet, TGIAS(thank goodness it's almost Sat!) LOL! What does that actually mean to me? Less dirty diapers to change, less wet diapers to change and well, less diapers to change in general! HA HA! So, have a great weekend...let's hope Hannah gets well soon, so we can go play outside and use our new sprinkler buddy thing Paul bought at target last weekend. It's just been too chilly to use it lately, but hopefully soon!


BoufMom9 said...

OH! I am sorry you have sick kiddies! Poor Hannah! That coughing is probably so painful. :( Hope the antibiotics kick in fast & she starts to feel better soon (and you get some real sleep)
Can't wait to see your blog entry & looking forward to learning your birth story.
:) Debi

Ashhog said...

Hope the kiddos get better soon! I'm looking forward to your entry on HDYDI! Would you recommend the choo choo wagon for 2 babies? Is it better/easier to get around and more fun for them than a stroller? I've heard some awesome things about it!

The Myers Family said...

Hi Ashhog,

I went to comment on your blog..but since it's private...thought i'd answer your question here! :) We LOVE the choo choo wagon. We've had it since xmas and the girls lOVE it. It's easier for older children(over 1) makes it easier to see everything around you. With a can't see much...can't see your twin..etc. We take our choo choo everywhere...i use it for 2 when we're in a place where my 3.5 year old can walk and add the 3rd for walks and long trips to anyhere. I'd say get's soo worth the money. I haven't used the stroller in months...just to the grocery store if i have all 3 and to target every once in a blue moon.