Saturday, May 17, 2008

Did you know a ROTTEN BANANA smells like Vinegar?

Please excuse the goofy nasty face in this pic...don't want to scare any of my loyal visitors off! LOL! Paul made me take this pic...i almost puked as he was taking it!

SO, if you have never smelt a 4 day rotten banana it really does smell like a mix between some nasty rotten stinky feet. YUCK! THIS is what i found in my diaper bag today. It had to be from Wed when we were going to go to the oil ranch...i'm guessing. The entire bag stunk sooo bad i threw everything away that was in that one compartment. That is seriously a banana i'm holding. OHHH...i wish you could smell what i smelt! DISGUSTING! I thought i was being a good mommy by taking a banana to feed the girls...guess i must have totally forgotten about it. OH MY...never again will i take a banana anywhere with me. What happened was that today we had to go re-sign our wills(lawyer totally forgot to put the "trust" part in and my sister almost had a HEART ATTACK, imagining taking care of 3 babies and no money till they turn 18 and the kids get it all and J & J would have had to fund everything prior to that) we decided to go to chillis on the way home(thanks to my MOM friend Toni, who just became a manager at one of the local chillis and gave each lady at the dinner a month ago, free kiddie meals...that was SOO NICE and we were soo excited.) Anyway, I grabbed my bag to pack it up to go...i opened it up and it kinda stunk. SO, i pulled out a bag and it had Hannah's flip flops in a bag in there...i started to laugh and tell Hannah she must have really stinky feet b/c my whole bag stunk. Well then i began to pull out other stuff and it all stunk..OMG...YUCK!
And then just some pics from the past few days...Sarah in the laundry basket
Sam wanted in...then OUT!Sarah hiding in the basket! Sam trying to coax her out so she could get in the basket. Sam begging for Sarah to get out!
Their new sand and water table...they LOVE THIS!MORE sand playMore Sand...Sam decided to take the yucky rug and use it as a cover...GROSS!Sam on the floor playing with her pony!Sarah on the chair!Love that smile! Sweet smile from Sam!


Christine said...

What lovely pictures. Your family is beautiful.

Yucky banana!

BoufMom9 said...

OH! They are just ADORABLE! I just love that they always look so happy & smiley. (and LOVE their cute dresses so much! Where do you shop???)
That water table is AWESOME! & HUGE! (you weren't kidding) Perfect size for all 3 girls! YEAH! (I am planning on getting a bigger one for E & W soon as ours is way too short)
:) Debi
ps I have smelled rotten banana before. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Lisa & Gerald said...

Ewwwwwww that would be messy and smelly!

Jamie said...

I'm laughing at the "wish you could smell it" comment! You're oh so kind that you even want to share the nasty smells with us! lol

Your girls are adorable! And they always look so busy in their pictures!

Carrie & Brook said...

Yuck! I guess it was could you had a banana rather than an open thing of yogurt or something. Maybe?

Brad & Alyssa said...

LOL!! Love your face with the so-called-banana!!! LOL!! Too funny!! Don't you just love those surprises??!?!?!

Barbara Manatee said...

Stopping by from another blog. My B/G Twins are just a month older than your girls. Very cute! I was just thinking about getting our two a sand and/or water table for the summer - they look like so much fun!