Thursday, April 10, 2008

TO Match or to COORDINATE?? That is the Question!

Since the lady i usually buy all my matching clothes from second hand, didn't have any 18 month clothes...i've been doing a little shopping lately. BUT, since i've been turned into a bargain shopper(thanks to my hubby) i have been shopping for cute dresses at marshalls lately...Target is starting to bore me...or maybe it's because every cute dress they have there i have already bought(2) and the rest aren't very cute. Unfortunately, they don't have as many "Matching" outfits. SO, we've been coordinating instead. Paul does NOT like it. I think it's just as cute...since they look alike anyway and they need their own identity! What do you think of the new dresses?

Sam & Sarah snuggling up with sweet Gracye..who is sick of this two kids chasing her around the house with a torn ligament in her leg. Hannah and her gum...she doesn't LOOK sick here..does she?
All three girls...2 smiling and all 3 looking at the camera!
I think these dresses are cute! They are cute BUT they knew they didn't match this morning...they were both grabbing at each others was weird. Like they knew they weren't dressed alike and wanted to wear what the other one was wearing! Funny!

P.S. don't worry...i did fix all their hair before we left to drop off the little girls at school today!


Jamie said...

I think they look adorable! I bet it was different for them to look different though! And you know, you're right! I'm sure there will come a time where they WANT to look different!!! But I'd be eating up the enjoying looking a like!!!!!

Harris Boys said...

omg your girls are adorable. I just book marked your page. You can really tell your girls are identical. We were told the boys are, but I'm starting to second guess...I guess one day I'll have to break down and get the DNA test done. I look forward to following you family :)

twinsmom said...

Brenda, all three of your girls are adorable. It's nice that they are so close in age. Hopefully, they will be good playmates. I have marked your blog as a favorite. It will be fun to compare notes as our twin babies grow!

Harris Boys said...

Hey Brenda...thanks for commenting back about my boys. I didn't find out I was carrying twins till 20 wks pg and my ob and peri said there was only one placenta and a small membrane separating the boys, so we have always been told identical. The main reason I think my boys look different is b/c of the shapes of their you noticed. Andrew was born vaginally and Ethan by emergency poor Andrew's head at birth was really ugly and cone shaped (poor guy). When People ask me how I tell them apart aside from their personalities I say the shapes of their heads. Andrew's is flat in the back and Ethan's is perfectly round.

I think one day I'll still get the test done to be 100% sure. I wanted the placenta to be sent off, but with the confusion and emergency section my doctor forgot to ask and I forgot to tell we'll really never know.

I'm just curious, b/c I always say Identical, but then say that we don't know for sure.

When I look at sarah and sam I can't tell them apart at all. They look 100% identical. Ethan has a little birth mark on his left forearm, but that's it.

Well, gotta run..I can hear them fighting in the next room. Fun, fun!!

Happy Friday!

Gibson Twins said...

Yours look like twins so I think different outfits is fine and imo very cute on them! You probably still get the typical twins questions though I bet. Someone just asked me yesterday at Lowes "How far apart are they?" I didn't know what I was being asked so I probably sounded crazy when I said "um 2 minutes". LOL I dress mine alike because mine don't look anything alike (and because I can't get enough of it)

I vote for a post on the babysitter story! HILARIOUS- So glad you guys got out of the house, what a smart 3 year old though!

If you need/want any Carters coupons I got some I could send you if you still need more clothes for the girlies- I just bought a few dresses for $6 up there the other day. I love the ones they had on though in their pics :)