Friday, April 25, 2008

Some funnies...

Here is a pic of the girls through the front window. I finally decided to open up the front room(dining room) when i'm out in the front yard watering my they can watch from inside. I took them out with me the other i could water our new flowers. That was NOT a good running all over the place...Sarah was chasing a bird close to the street(thank goodness we live in a very small neighborhood and there is not much traffic at all...because there are only a few houses on our street...which is really nice) and i didn't even notice for a few seconds. The girls then found that if they run in front of the hose while i'm watering they'll get wet. Then i ended up with 3 soaking kids playing in wet dirty! YUCKY! So, i found it easier to just let them in the front...they are just as entertained watching from the front window and i can at least see what they are doing. This is Hannah under 6 covers. Can a 3.5 year old have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? She is psycho about her covers. Everyday she covers up the entire couch with covers...she moves them around...gets up...covers herself up...then re arranges the covers etc. I DO have OCD...but only with locking doors..NO, i'm not medicated for it! :) But i do find myself checking and re-checking doors...and i can check the house alarm at night 3 or 4 times on a good night to make sure i actually turned it on. I guess i do this because if it were up to Paul he'd probably just leave every door unlocked. You think it has something to do with me growing up in the city v/s him growing up in a small town in KS where you NEVER locked your doors...left the keys in your car..etc? Anyway, i thought this pic was really funny..she was all covered up.
This sand has a funny story! I seriously think i lost a pound or two yesterday after agreeing to go get sand for the front yard. I HAD NO IDEA that the bags of sand weighted in at 50lbs each! NO IDEA! So, i get to Lowes on the way to pick the girls up and get a cart that already in itself weight probably 50lbs. I mean, it was REALLY heavy. Anyway, so i knew i had 30 mintues to get 12 bags of 50lbs each of sanded loaded and down the street to get the girls by 3p. So i drag the cart over to the sand...there was NO ONE anywhere to be found. So, after standing around for a few minutes i decided to just do it myself. BAD IDEA! Either way, i start to lift...ONE by ONE i slowly get the into the darn cart, while ripping a few along the way. There was SAND EVERWHERE...and a few people walked by(i mean men...that totally could have offered to at least help) but no one helped. So i kept on trucking as the sweat dripped down my face...i looked nasty and smelt even worse. I couldn't even believe i didn't just walk off and tell paul to go back and get it. BUT, i had already told him i'd get i was going to get it either way. I just dropped the bags on the little cart however i could get them on...they were ALL over. FINALLY, i had ONE more bags left to get on the cart...the rep for the sand co came walking by and was you need some help with that or are you done? I said...NO, I'm done thanks. THEN, i started to TRY to push the cart that weighted in at about 700lbs to the check out line....GALS, this was HILARIOUS! I mean i was huffing and puffing like NEVER in my life. I had on a new pair of flip flops that had velvet or some slippery stuff was HILARIOUS as i pushed and pushed. I was determined, either way. The rep helped give me a LITTLE push to get the cart started and that was it. I seriously thought i was going to fall over by the time i got to the front of the store and it wasn't even that far of a walk. So then i get to the check out line and the lady asked how many bags...i told her i HAVE NO IDEA...NONE. I knew we needed 12...but i didn't know if i had even made 12. I called Paul on the phone while in line and said "seriously, i think i'm going to fall over and croak!" He was like what? I said, YEAH, i had to load 13 bags of 50lbs of sand each on a cart ALL by myself! I seriously couldn't even catch my breath! He was like..."are you ok"...i said "I THINK I am". Anyway, this was the pic of all the sand i loaded on the cart all by myself..NO THANKS to LOWES! BUT, they did help me load it into my car...EVEN THOUGH i could have done a better job b/c the guy that loaded it in got sand ALL OVER the back of my suburban! AFTER i told him...the blue things has to point up b/c that's wear the spout is to you think he listened? NOPE! BTW...i will NEVER ask Paul if he needs anything from home depot or lowes again..I'VE LEARNED MY LESSON! LOL!!

One last thing...ever time i start to feel overwhelmed with 3 kidos...i'm going to read the following blog.
This lady has a little girl about Hannah's age...9 month old identical twin boys and a fourth child on the way. HOLY SMOKES! My heart raced as i found and read some of her blog off of her posting on! She IS A SUPERMOM! When her fourth is born...her twins will be around 15 or 16 months. I couldn't IMGAINE having a baby with my two trouble makers running around the house. I would seriously pack my bags and run to mexico! LOL! I mean, i DO love kidos...but we are DONE FOR SURE...unless i get baby fever later on and decide i want to do foster parenting or adopt an older child later in life. But right now...not even close. I even told my OB/GYN the other day when i went for my yearly..."i don't even get that giddy feeling anymore when i see a pregnant woman, as i did before the girls were conceived!" He totally cracked up when i said that!
Lastly, check out this link...this lady had identical triplet little girls! What a blessing! I couldn't even fathom how scared she was with 3 babies in one sac. Two is scary enough!


Harris Boys said...

brenda, your stories are so funny...I just crack up everytime I read your blog. I can NOT believe no-one at Lowes came to help you...not very good customer service, but think about it this probably burned a ton of calories...LOL. Make sure you ask your hubby what he needs from there before you volunteer. Thanks again for making me laugh!! CHeck out the link on my blog for Pam's 3 boys...they are identical triplets too. crazy huh??