Thursday, April 10, 2008

Almost done with the blog...and boy it's been a long night!

TTL pukes today to clean up: 2! Luckily i've got it down to a science and KNOW it's i have a puke bowl right beside her and the minute i hear the gagging...i shove it under her face! That saves cleaning clothes...extra crying and extra stink to clean up! AMEN!
TTL times Hannah has had coughing attacks...WAY too many to count.
TTL hours awake last night consouling Hannah past 9p bedtime: about 4!
TTL Hours my hubby got to sleep last night: TOO MANY!
That's what being a mommy is about though...taking care of sick babies when they are sick and then i STILL have to get up with the babies at 5:45a! UGH!

YEP, that's right, Hannah's sick with the cough and it just doesn't seem to stop! UGH! I feel like we've all got a touch of it...but not like her. I would love to look in her mouth and see what in the world is making her cough SOOO BAD! It's HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE! I just can't seem to figure her out. I've made up my mind i'm going to call that allergist today and see if that's what it could be v/s just a bad cough. NOW, the honey isn't even working!

Anyway, i'm taking the twins to school today and Hannah & I are going out to spread her germs around the city! LOL! Well, not really, but we're going to go shopping for a new dress for me for our date night friday night. I want a new dress that fits me i can finally show off my "almost 16 month post pregnancy with TWINS body"! LOL!

That's all for now!

TGIT(Thank goodness it's Thursday! :)