Friday, April 11, 2008


Just a few pics of the girls...they made up a new game with the help of their big sis. Flip the anywhere chairs upside down and climb up...then slide down! Notice my beach towel covered couch in the backgroud...that's to protect the couch from the wrath of Hannah's pukey cough! :)

Hannah & i went shopping yesterday...she picked out her own dresses that she wanted! This one is for our trip to FL.

Sarah wearing mommys shoes...she LOVES to try to put them when i said "let's go to the store" she ran and put these on.
OOPS...they were falling off...
Sam decided to try one on too!
This is the reason i really think she's going to end up dressing funky like punky brewster. She was she put a long sleeve shirt on and pants on underneath her cute little dress.


Jamie said...

That totally looks like something that happened at our house today! only it was Gabe and kaleb piling all the contents of their bed in the livingroom and jumping on them!!! And the girls are MATCHING today! They're cute as always!