Friday, April 18, 2008

It's been a few days...

Say cheese for the camera! Oh, how they look like their dad! Even Dr. P commented on how they look exactly like Paul. Amy, my friend down the street calls them Mini Pauls!
Sarah Loves diaper boxes!
Sarah in the diaper box...Hannah was trying to sneak in...
Hannah is NOT going to appreciate this one..this is how she naps! I'm not sure WHERE in the world she gets this from...
The girls first bowl of real cereal...the liked it...but very messy...this was before the bibs...i'm going to have to try it again this weekend!

Sassy Sarah in her Ms. Hollywood glasses...every baby should have some Ms. Hollywood sunglasses...i remember having some myself!

Uh, Sarah...those are on Crooked! Give me a BIG KISS, SIS! of the camera please!
Hannah wanted me to take a pic of her hair...she fixed it herself! TONS of barretts!

Another one with the hair thingies...and ms. hollywood!
Hannah loves to be funny!

I Know i've missed a few days of blogging...but i've been quite busy this week. Uh...don't ask what i've been doing though b/c i don't even really know! LOL! Yesterday was an extra busy day though b/c i dropped the girls off at school...came home..and then had to go to the med center for my yearly appt. I actually hadn't seen my dr. since my 6 week check up after the girls were i was very excited to show him pics of how big the girls have gotten in the past 16 months! Needless to say, he was excited and shocked. He asked for pics the minute he walked in the door...of course i had them in hand so i could show off all my girls. That took always takes forever at the dr.'s office but in particular..the girly dr. takes HOURS! SO, after that i didn't get home till about 130p and then had 1 hour to dry the girls lunch and get moving back up to school to pick them up. Then the teacher tells me that Sam had a rough nap time...she went down at 12p then got back up at 1p and then went back down at 145p but only for 15 minutes b/c they get them up at 2p so they can go play outside. I told her that's not really that weird b/c the day before Sarah slept for FIFTEEN minutes and got up...then i had to hold her to get her back down(i know, scold me now...i should NOT hold them...just let them miss their nap when they pull tricks like that on me). The teachers were also really excited to tell me that both girls pooped at the SAME time. Very funny b/c they do it here everyday! Every time i change one dirty diaper i automatically go check the other and 99% of the time i end up changing the other one! Maybe something to do with being identical??? I don't know!

Anyway, after that we came home...they had snacks and i was off to my favorite part of my day. We had our Moms of Multiples Meeting...and this month we had the induction it was fun and at a hilton hotel(not too far away from my house). It's really funny, but not to get off the subject, but a few weeks ago Melody and i found out one of the MOMS is a Chi Omega(that's how melody and i met years ago) anyway, she was soo excited to find other chi-o's in the group. Well her name is Katherine, and the minute she saw me walk in last night...she told me "grab your name tag and melody's and go put them at my table". SOOO's was like a sorrority within a sorrority! Funny...considering i'm not that sorrorityish(maybe not a word) anymore. So, I can't really relate...but it's still nice and i think Katherine feels like we have this bond. Either way, she is one of the sweetest girls in the we had a great time talking and meeting other new moms. There was actually one mom at our table(she has 7 month old fraternal twins) and she raised her hand right away and said "HI, i'm...whatever her name was(i already forgot), i haven't been to one meeting...been in the group for a little over and year and on and on. I re-assured her it was not a big deal...and that i had actually only been back to my first meeting since Nov 2006 last month...she was relieved. Now that they've moved the meeting out so's just a bit harder to get with traffic is horrible getting out NW after 6pm anyday of the week! So, i'm just not real motivated....but i'm going to try harder...because it's really nice to get away and have a quiet night away from the kidso every once in a while.
Back to the dinner last night...we really had a great time...and ended up playing the game "i've never" with tooth picks...and the running joke of the meeting was that one girl at the front table(not mine) said "i've never been to jail"...well lets face it, we're all mothers...not just mothers, but mothers of evidentally the girl that said that ended up wtith 7 tooth picks from her table(which means 7 of the 8 girls at her table had been to jail sometime or other)...and BOY, that had to be the funniest thing ever and the running joke for the whole meeting. Everytime someone went up to introduce themselves that was on the new and old board...they'd say "hi, i'm ____, i have frateral/identical girl/boy twins, and i haven't been to jail so was really funny. Doesn't sound as funny in my i guess you had to be there. Everyone was rolling. The meeting ended up ending about 10ish..and then everyone was planning an after party at the fox and hound...i didn't go because i was exhausted from running around all day...most of the ladies that went are vetran MOMS that have older kidos...that probably sleep later than my sweet babies that's my excuse and i'm sticking to it! LOL!

Besides hanging out with and enjoying talking to melody, katherine and another mom that has 20 month old twins(that are 26 weekers by the way...and also doing great)...i got to really talk to Laura, who is a new member and 32 weeks prego with fraternal b/g twins. She looks so great to me so far along. She is actually the lady that bought my high chair we had this immediate bond b/c of our scare with pauls heart and the sad ironic story of her husbands best friend who actually passed away b/c of he ended up with 100% blockage in his heart. It's a long story, but to make it short...when she originally wanted to buy the high chair...i emailed her back and forth...but then i blew her off for a few weeks b/c that was also when the whole situation with Pauls heart happened. Anyway, when i finally got back to her and told her what happened...she told me it was really weird b/c now she couldn't come pick it up b/c her husbands bf passed away at 40 and she had to her his wife plan his funeral. OMG how it brought tears to my eyes...the whole story still gets me all teary eyed...and the chances are high that it could have been prevented if the first dr. had acted faster and sent the man right to the hospital since he WAS having chest pains and all the tell tale signs of a heart attack. Anyway, to make a long story short...she is still devistated and everytime i see her she asks about Paul...even though she has never met him before. Anyway, we were also talking last night about how the whole "twin" thing was VERY unexpected for her...and i said ME TOO! She said, oh i'm so glad to know i'm not the only one that was completly SHOCKED..b/c lots of the women in our group have done IVF or some sort of fertility treatment(and please NOTE, there is NOTHING WRONG with doing fertility treatment...i have nothing against it at's just that those that do, have some sort of idea that MAYBE just MAYBE you may have more than one...which is a blessing in itself) and with that the chances of having multiples are higher than a person like me or her...who had already had a child(Laura already had two)...and so she was like...o i feel relieved to not be the only one in this situation. LOL!

So, all in all, it's just a great feeling going and hanging out with my new found group of friends...that all have some sort of idea as to what i'm going through and what i've been through! LOL! It gives me such a warm feeling, hanging out with all these ladies, in our little "secret sorrority" that no one knows about other than those that have multiples! :) When our group of ladies get together...we always have a BLAST...there are some ladies in the group that are VERY LOUD and HILAROUS...and then those of us that are a little more conservative...and i think they kinda even all of us out....It's fun! On top of that, we are always comparing notes...about ANYTHING and everything you can think of...i mean some of the things we talk about...i'd never discuss with my MOM for sure...and other things i wouldn't even talk to Paul about....not bad just girly stuff...that only a girl would understand. We talk about birth and what having two does to your about plastic surgery and tummy tucks, Boob lifts and marshmellow bellys from your belly stretching out past the point of return, c-sections v/s regular births...and on and on! It's nice to be a semi-veteran mom...and be able to give my own prespective on what i feel is better...and what i found important to know after the fact..and to be able to tell the ladies the things NO ONE told me about twins...sometimes i feel like I need to write MY OWN book with the cold hard facts...that no one else talks about! :) Hmm...i wonder if i'd get published. Chances are slim b/c i'm not good at writing and can make a run on sentence go for MILES and MILES without a period! HA!

Well, today i think i've written a novel and my kids are lacking in i'll leave you on one word for the day!



Jamie said...

First of all, great pictures! The girls really do look like their daddy!!!

I never joined a MOM group after I found out about the twins. I didnt' have the money to join one, and the group closest to me really didn't do much. i also never really considered myself a mom of multiples. . .(I had a blog all about this one recently!)

Your group sounds like a BLAST!!!!! I'm glad you had fun!

Sara Rose Tutus said...

Love the pictures! They are wonderful. Your children are beautiful. I found your blog by way of Debi, btw

Gibson Twins said...

Love the pictures! Were the cereal bowls suction or did the girls just not throw them like mine would have?! :) I love the sunglasses, mine won't leave theirs on though- so much for that. Looks like the twins' hair has grown in a lot and noticed they have ponytails- so cute!

I never go to the MOMs meetings because they are so far away and traffic is crappy here. We have an email list that is great though.

Harris Boys said...

Hey Brenda...great pics of the the one with their daddy :) love the sunglasses and the cereal bowls. How in the world did the girls not throw them on the ground..they would not have lasted a second.

Glad you have such a great MOMS group..I never joined either. Probably should, but just never did.

Hope you had a nice weekend!!