Sunday, April 13, 2008


And NO, I'm not pregnant! LOL!

My sister is though! Jennifer & Jeff are going to have a new baby! They are due October 28th...Yes, that is ONE DAY after Allisons birthday(she'll be 4)...How cool is that???! Paul & I are thrilled that we are going to have one more niece or nephew to add to the mix. Allison will have so much fun with her new brother or sister and so will Hannah, Sarah, & Samantha! YAHOO! The big girls do NOT know Jennifer is waiting till she starts to show to tell her so she'll really understand. Then, we'll get to tell Hannah too!

It's going to be soo exciting...because this time around i'll really be able to enjoy HER baby and help her out more. Last time around...we were both pregnant at the same time...and then i had to take care of my baby, so i really didn't get to enjoy sweet Allison as much because we were BOTH going crazy with new babies. Now, the girls are all bigger...Hannah will be in school and the twins will be in i'll be able to go spend some time with Jennifer and the baby after he/she is born and she's home for a while. I can't WAIT! The best part is...I GET TO GO HOME when i'm done and let HER stay up at night and feed HER baby! LOL!

Anyway, CONGRATS to Jennifer & Jeff! We are praying for a healthy beautiful baby...and although i'd love a boy in the mix...we don't care as long as the baby is HEALTHY!


BoufMom9 said...

Congratualations Auntie! What wonderful news! & think, just a few days ago you said you wished your family was bigger! See, God was listening! :)