Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Victim of Credit Card Fraud

I can't believe it. We are officially statistics and victims of Credit Card Fraud! Yep, you got it...someone somehow stole our CC# with the little number on the back and went on a shopping spree. A total of $1100.00 was spent before it was caught. Thank Goodness Discover Emailed Paul right away...twice in a row and he called them back. I thought it was kinda humorous at first b/c i had just told him how today i spent a large amount of money today. I went grocery shopping and bought lots of meat(which is always expensive). THEN i went and put 100 dollars worth of gas in my car(still didn't fill it up) and then i went and picked up some dry cleaning. I didn't go to our usual shopping spots so i thought Discover was just calling to make sure the charges were me. Well, they went through one by one...groceries-check, dry cleaning-check, gas-check, banana republic-700-on line purchase...UH NO, The gap-on line purchase-400, UH NOOOO AGAIN! WHAT? I was SHOCKED to say the least. How did this happen when we were both holding our credit cards right in front of us?

Evidently credit card theft is becoming a big ordeal and it happens all the time. There are many ways it can happen...but mainly through hackers if you use your cc to buy anything on the web. Check on that one, we both buy stuff on line. AND, if this is the case the lady at Discover told me, the hacker probably has ALL our info, SS#, Address, account number, etc. That is some REALLY scary stuff. The other way it COULD have happened is by handing your card over at a restaurant and the waiter walks to the back...takes his/her cell phone and takes a pic of the card, both sides.

I am soo upset about this whole ordeal. I feel so violated and upset. Not scared...just MAD! We are now re-thinking a company to track our ss#'s, and all our info on a daily basis. Discover card does this for 12.99 a month. NOT TOO bad, considering this could happen to us again. Chances are high that who ever did this, if a hacker, will strike again.

The lady at Discover also said they prosecute as many as possible. AMEN to that! I did ask if i should file a report with the police...as i emailed my MOMS group and some said i should. She said NO, because they have their own fraud dept that does this and if you don't KNOW who did it...what's the point. Which was exactly what i thought.

Another thing that one of my MOMS said that was very true and totally hit me hard was: when you leave your table at a restaurant, ALWAYS take YOUR receipt. I used to, before i met Paul. Yep, Paul, this was bad re-training on your part...you are WAY to carefree! I used to be so careful...always took receipts and tore them up very carefully b/c my dad always drilled that in my head over and over again. So NOW, i will be a LOT more careful and make SURE we take our receipt and destroy it. We are just so careless...and most probably are until they've been violated! Then you become willing to pay the money to keep your credit in good standing.

We've decided we're going to go with the lifelock.com. This is a program that will guard your social security numbers...so for example: if someone wants to buy a car with your ss#, they can't until lifelock calls you and you approve it and there is a day waiting program. OR, if someone tries to open up a cc with your name and ss, it won't happen that day...they have to get it approved through lifelock. I'm not 100% sure on this one...but this was pauls decision v/s paying 12.99 a month to have discover track your credit on a daily basis. If anyone has any thoughts on which is better..please leave me a comment below.

So, that's all for now. I'm just furious that this happened! I also now know why they offer these protection things...that i have always turned down and blown off. NOW I SEE THAT THESE ARE WORTH THE MONEY!

I sure hope this crazy fool that stole our credit card # ends up in the pokey and that Discover and/or Banana Republic and the Gap prosecute them. The lady at discover card said most are prosecuted...so we'll just hope this crazy fool gets it. I would LOVE to know myself who did this but i'm sure i never will. I'd also, love to have a little chat with the fool, which i'm sure won't ever happen either b/c of confidentiality. HOW does THAT make sense?? They steal OUR credit card...use OUR money...but we will NEVER find out WHO THEY ARE! ERR..that annoys me!


Jamie said...

Oh NO! I'm so sorry that that has happened to you! I'd be LIVID!!! And you're right, how does that work that they can steal all of your information, and your identity, and you can't even know who it was. Thats just so sad.

we had something like that happen to us a couple of years ago. They stole Todds wallet, and had the actual card, and tried to buy a TON of gas, must have been for them and their friends. They never were caught, and i guess we were just one in a string of many for them.

It really is sad what our world has come to these days isn't it??

Hang in there. I hope they catch them, and prosecute them to the fullest extent they can.


Lisa & Gerald said...

wow that would suck hope you guys are ok and safe. Hope you guys find out who did this to you! I would be so mad if that ever happened to us.