Monday, April 21, 2008

The definition of Piranha!

A few more pics from today...i think i take more pics during the week than on the weekend! Playing in the cabinet!
All 3 in the cabinet. That cabinet is huge...the other day i was hiding from i crawled in and Paul shut the was pretty funny!
Sarah shutting the door...cute feet and hand sticking out!
Sweet Sarah after a bite and bath! :)

Well, in the dictionary it'd be:

In the Wikipedia Dictionary... A Piranha or piraña (pronounced /pɨˈrɑːnjə/, /pɨˈrænjə/, /pɨˈrɑːnə/, or /pɨˈrænə/) is a member of a family of omnivorous[1] freshwater fish which live in South American rivers. In Venezuelan rivers they are called caribes. They are known for their sharp teeth and an aggressive appetite for meat. However, despite the negative Hollywood publicity Pirahnas are not generally violent, and have been known to be domesticated in home and office fish tanks.

In My house the definiton is: BOTH of my Twins! Yeah, that's right...the biting is NON-STOP around here. It's driving me CRAZY! I feel so bad everytime it happens...but there is nothing i can do. Most of the time, by the time i see them, they already have their jaws locked down on the other one. It does NOT matter where the bite...they'll bit the other ANYWHERE! My poor babies both have bites all over their bodies...on their sides, on their hands(just today in the bath), on their arms, on their backs...EVERYWHERE! I have NO IDEA what to do...other than confort the one that just got bit...and sad BAD to the other one that just bit her. I think i'm going to go crazy soon if this biting doesn't stop.

Now, on top of that they are also, slapping...each other and ME & Paul! Instead of saying NO if they don't want something...they'll slap you! Where do they get this from?? I just don't know. I talk to other MOMS...and i don't think i've met one that has gone through this never ending biting stage. I even talked to the dr. about it...she said "oh, they'll outgrow it". BUT WHEN because pretty soon they're going to be drawing major blood. I mean when they chomp down...they chomp hard. It's not a sweet little love's a BITE!

Anyway, yeah, i guess their little personalities ARE blooming...if you consider biting and hitting. Sometimes i wonder if it's a girl/girl thing...i don't hear a lot about boy/girl twins fighting...but i could be totally wrong.

Other than the biting, they are really growing up fast. Their vocabulary consists of the following: bad, out, more, up, bye bye, hi, quack quack and some other little words every now and then. They understand pretty much everything i say to them "are you hungry", "do you want a snack", "do you want to go upstairs", etc. They are getting really good at going upstairs and downstairs...and i'm much more comfortable this time around with the stairs. With Hannah, i was SOO scared...not anymore. Hannah goes up and down whenever she wants...and i think by 2 the girls will be just as good...they have finally gotten their dept perception down pretty well.
Think that's all for now..I still can't believe we're going to have a NEPHEW! I'm in SHOCK! I'm soo excited and jealous! Now i want another baby...JUST KIDDING...we'll just pretend like little JR is ours! LOL! I kept calling him Jr.'s like i knew...but not really!


BoufMom9 said...

Wow! I have no idea what to suggest about the biting! Will bites, but only when he is really frustrated and stops if I say 'ah ah " to him loudly.
Not fun! That is for sure.
I wish I had some words of wisdom but all I can do is tell you I hope it passes quickly. UGH!
ps Congrats about the impending nephew!!!!!

Gibson Twins said...

Congrats on the upcoming nephew! That will be such a nice addition to the all the girls!

Love the little feet sticking out of the cabinet- that is adorable! Do you think the little girls learned biting from their big sister or is it just one of those things they figured out on their own?

Mine hit really bad, eachother and us so I really feel for you on that one! I am still confused how babies are not taught but just know that hitting someone hurts and makes them cry. Mine hit then laugh when the other one cries. How nice... I am always taking their hands and trying to "show" them gentle, but its not working. They'd much rather wrestle around like crazy babies!

How do the girls like their new swingset now that its been up for a little while? I bet that will keep them busy and get them nice and worn out for you and Paul!

BTW, my twins weigh 25 lbs (Alli) and 26.5 lbs (Ryan). I actually have some size 5 diapers so will try that this morning and let you know how it goes- thanks for the advice!!

Harris Boys said...

congrats on your exciting!!! my boys are fighting too...bitting and ethan slaps all the time. he'll come up behind me and slap the crap out of my head and it really hurts. I just keep telling him 'no' and that its not nice. I know its a phase, but I sure do wish it would stop!!! Enjoy your new book and please report back to tell us how it was. Have a good days away from this VERY addicitve blog land!! take care Brenda!!!