Monday, April 14, 2008

Some of my Favorite Inventions for Twins...

I decided after seeing Carrie, Brook, Finn & Reid with suction bowls for her boys on her blog(THANKS Carrie) try a few new things myself. I can't believe some of the really cool things that work well to keep the floor and the girls clean. I'm amazed and my hubby isn't even mad about the money i spent on these items...which is always good when your on a budget and things are just really expensive now a days!

Here are a few items i can't live without now:
I'd be lost without the above restaurant high chairs(bought at a restaurant supply company...DO NOT buy off of amazon..they are cheap and both had dings on them)...they clean up very easily and are great once the girls hit 1! I HAD two nice evenflo high literally took me OVER AN HOUR to clean them after they were done eating...and i hated the covers b/c you could never get them nice and clean unless you washed them in the washer each time...then re-connecting everything took forever! Sometimes i'd just drag them outside and hose them down..that took just as long! Plus, you don't have trays or anything extra to clean up...they go right up to the table and are good for those who don't have as much room.I just bought the above items on Amazon...and boy have they all been wonderful. The baby Bjorn bib is AWESOME! Talking about the floors staying much cleaner...clothes stay clean and this bib just catches EVERYTHING. My girls LOVE to drink and spit anything out of the sippy...this catches it all and keeps their clothes dry! I'm actually going to buy two more to keep in the diaper bag. I wouldn't recommend it for babies..but again by 1 this bib is my savior. The sippy cup grip is also awesome. We takes the girls out to eat ONCE a week at most...but they LOVE to play the "throw your sippy on the floor game"..which is gross and i end up wiping the darn things down every other minute while were out. This sippy cup thing..attaches to the sippy and high chair or whatever you want to hook it to...and we've only been out to eat once since we bought these...but i LOVE them! Lastly, the snack traps are AWESOME! I have tried 2 or 3 different types...they never worked and food would go all over the place when they pulled their hands out...this one has a top part that is shaped somehow..that the food doesn't go flying all over the place when you pull the snacks out. I LOVE them and once again..saved me a lot of time cleaning up messes! Lastly, the suction plates...these are kinda iffy...sometimes they work...sometimes they don't. BUT, if you have a child that loves to throw their plate on the floor it's totally worth just have to keep re-suctioning on the table. Either's not too bad.

You may be able to find some of these items on ebay...guess i should have checked there myself since they were all pretty pricy(cosidering i had to buy two of each)...but i know amazon has all of the items above.

So if you have twins...or are having twins and will or do lack the time of taking an hour each time your kidos eat(yeah that's 3xs a day = 3 hours) to clean up your child and floor after feeding a are some cool things that worked for me! I wish someone had told me about these earlier...i feel like i've spent half my life cleaning floors and babies already..and on top of that..too much money trying to find the perfect item that will work for the girls! LOL!
NOW, if anyone has anything they absolutely love and can't live without...leave me a comment and let me know...i'm always looking for new items that others have tried and actually work good.


Harris Boys said...

love the Bjorn bib...I googled them and they say you can buy them at Target. I think we'll be heading to Target today. I need a good bib to catch all the food my boys spit time is def. challenging at my house. thanks for all the great recs.

I know you have the restaurant grade high chairs, but we love our Fisher Price Booster seats. They attach right to a chair and the boys love sitting up to the table with mom and dad. Here is a link..but I didn't pay that much...I got mine for $20 a piece.

Carrie & Brook said...

Hi Brenda! I love this post! First off, I like the new blog look.

So, are the Bjorn bibs and the sippy cup anti-throw things really worth it? We currently use the Bumpkins bibs and they yank them off about 4 seconds after I put them on. It's annoying. We also have the same snack catchers. I love them---except my husband put one of the tops in the dishwasher and it melted/bent it and now there is a gapping hole. It still works, just not as well.

I might have to invest in the leashes for the sippies...which bibs did you use prior to the Bjorns?

And I LOVE the highchairs. I kindof wish we would have bought those instead of the boosters (once I got tired of cleaning the old highchairs---I'm with you on the hour of cleaning time, man!) The boosters that we have now attach to the chairs and so that leaves us without two chairs when others come over. How much were they? Did you get them online or in town at a restaurant supply co?


TheHMC said...

Oh! I love those suction cup plates! I'm going to have to try those, as my daugter broke 3 of her plastic plates this past week alone. And I like that sippy cup bungee thing!

I hear you on the high chair stuff. We finally got one of those small travel booster chairs for our daughter and while it does have a tray, it's a small one and takes no time to hose off in the sink, and the booster is just plastic...NO cushions or covers of any kind to clean and dig nasty old banana's out of! I love it! And when she didn't need the tray anymore(aka her belly getting to big to fit behind said tray lol) I just stashed it and she can still use the booster.

Cool finds, and thanks for sharing them!