Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dr. Visit for the twins

We took the girls in for their 15 month well visit. They received their DTP & Pneumonia shots. UGH! I absolutely hate them getting shots...it's so sad and this time was EXTRA hard...i don't know why but Sam just wouldn't stop crying. It was horrible...ALL the way home...and then after we got home more crying...finally i gave her a snack and she settled down. Then while ago after dinner we gave them their nightly bottles(Sarah never eats hers but i offer it to her anyway, Sam always drinks hers)..well Sam puked ALL OVER Paul! Poor baby...she really hasn't been feeling good since the shot...i gave her tylenol...but she's still in pain. Then Paul yanked off her bandaids and made her mad again...i personally and secretly think Sam was punishing him for ripping off her bandaids! :) Anyway, here are the stats:

Weight w/clothes on: 21lbs 10oz 30th percentile
HT: 30.5 50th percentile
Head Circum: 18 in 50th percentile

Weight w/clothes on: 21lbs 2 oz 25th percentile
Ht: 29 11/16 25th percentile
H/C: 17.5 15th percentile

Weird how much the percentiles change with such a small difference, Right?

So, hopefully they'll both get some sleep tonight after such a rough day of school and shots. Poor babies...Sam was just in so much pain. Sarah was a trooper. I found out today...i'm still not ready to take them on my own..i couldn't have done it by myself! NO WAY! They were both a mess after shots...but Paul and i have it down pat...we get everything paid for up front..get my backpack on my back ready to go and keys out...they do shots and we walk out. Nice and quick!

We here's to hoping my girls feel better in the morning and we're not up in the middle of the night cleaning up more puke!


BoufMom9 said...

OH! Poor girlies! I hate when they get shots. I can't even be in the room, I make Russ do it.
Poor little Sam! Hope she feels better in the morning.
(bright side...maybe she'll sleep well tonite thanks to the tylenol???)