Monday, April 14, 2008

My Dancing Queens!

My Girls LOVE to Dance! All 3 of them. We watch american Idol and they go crazy, dancing!


Harris Boys said...

OH my goodness do you stand all the cuteness...they are adorable. my boys do that swat dance is SO cute!! do they watch their older sister all the time and want to copy her? how cute are sarah and sam in their matching little dresses!! Your girls are just too much :) great video!

Gibson Twins said...

they are just gorgeous dancers! so sweet :) we are learning body parts except for alli thinks her "nose" is located at the back of her mouth! haha- every time we say "wheres your nose alli?" she shoves her finger back in her mouth LOL. i think i would die laughing if my 4 year old asked for lipstick, seriously that is the funniest thing- smart girl!