Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I'm really NOT anti-social

I had to get this out because i felt really bad today after i dropped the girls off at MDO. I was walking out of school and there was a mother signing in her child. I know her face and she's pregnant, so to make conversation i asked when she was due? She said July 5th. I said oh how exciting...and we struck up a little conversation as we were signing in our kids. Mainly she said how nervous she was about having her second child..and how hard it would be etc. Her little boy is in Hannah's room...so he's about 4 yrs old...having another one when you have a 4 year old should be tooo hard. So i told her...don't worry you'll be just fine...your NOT outnumbered yet! We both kinda laughed as i told her we don't really go anywhere during the week since i'm totally outnumbered with 3. There was also a lady behind me and she introduced herself...she obviously knew the lady i was talking to and wanted to chat with her etc. Then she said to me...."i'm (whatever her name was..i'm REALLY bad with Names) and i hope i didn't offend you a while back...because you have never said anything to me since...but i told you..WOW..you have a LOT of kids". Seriously, i totally didn't even remember that comment. So, NO, i wasn't offended...it's just hard to be social while i'm scurrying in to the building with 3 kidos(holding one in each arm as i coax hannah into opening doors etc). Anyway, i told her absolutely not...i'm just in my own little world and i drop off my kids as fast as i can and RUN out the door...LOL! She said oh, because evidentally she has one little girl in the twins class that's 1 month older and she sees me all the time, etc. Anyway, i felt bad at first...like i'm a horrible school mother, anti social and too good to talk to anyone. BUT, i'm totally NOT like that...i guess i'm glad she got that off of her chest...because she said everytime she sees me i just kinda keep going and don't talk to anyone. WHICH, is totally true, because like i said i'm 99.9% pre-occupied...dropping them off means running out the door to do whatever i have to do THAT day. Picking them up is also CRA-ZIE...because the minute Sarah sees me she runs screaming to me...and normally they are outside...kids everywhere, etc. So, i guess from now on, i'll try to be more social...I try to talk to people...but i will definitely try harder now...the people at school are all really nice and yet, i haven't gotten to know most of them. We meet some at parties(Hannah's been invited to about 10 parties in the past few months)...so that's helped some. Anyway, that's all for now..i just HAD to get that off my chest...i felt really bad...having her thinking she was rude by saying that...when i didn't even remember her saying it and i'm sure it didn't phase me as nothing really does anymore. People say stuff ALL the time...those with multiples KNOW that...so like i've said before...there's not much that can offend me...i've heard it all! :)

Gotta run...going shopping for SMALLER clothes for me! I can't believe i'm down 4 sizes in 4 months...ttl weight lost: 26lbs! AMAZING...and only 10 more to go before i hit my goal weight which i won't say because i'm embarassed...but i will be back down to the weight i was when i got married almost 5 years ago! I'll try to find a pic and post one soon...gosh i can't believe i've been doing this blog for 2.5 years and not added any pics of our wedding day! I'm a bad WIFE! LOL!!!


Jamie said...

Congrats on the weight loss! Thats awesome!!!

I hear ya about the bad school mom thing too. My older two boys are in school, and I would see all the other moms talking, and I always felt like i couldn't just jump right in, because they all knew each other. So, I'd get my kids, and go. Then my neighbor introduced me to them, and they're like "oh, we thought maybe you didnt' like us or something because you never talked to us!" Nope, just shy, and not about to jump right in the middle!!!

Its hard when you're so busy focusing on the kids!!!

BoufMom9 said...

Good for you on the weight loss! I am so so so jealous! I really need to get my butt in gear! (can't blame the pregnancy anymore. ya know?OIY!)
Anyway, totally been there with the rushing past people and not chatting.
You need to make a tshirt that says "I'm not ignoring you. I have 3 toddlers". LOL