Sunday, April 27, 2008

7 random things about me...Well, Really 10!

One of my blogging buddies Debi had been tagged and said anyone that reads her blog wants to do their own 7 random things about do so and forward to her. SO, i have never done them before, so i thought, now is just as good as ever to write a few things about myself.

1. I met my hubby at Hooters through a mutual friend who was actually my sorrority sister at University of Houston. For our wedding rehersal dinner...Paul wanted to have the dinner at HOOTERS...Thankfully that didn't happen. He still loves telling EVERYONE we know and meet that we met at HOOTERS..and NO, I didn't wait tables there.

2. My dream was to be a police officer. I went to a high school for law enforcement and co-op'ed at the police dept for the chief of police(chief Nucia)..a long time ago. I worked in all different depts there...civilian employment, recruiting, motorcycle squad, auto theft, DARE, the jail for a few days doing date entry, the legal dept and i could seriously go on and on! It was a great job! Then i ended up getting a scholarship through HPD for college...they paid for 60 hrs of college and i went into the police academy after that. I dropped out after 6 weeks of the academy...i just couldn't run for the life of me(5 miles a day with a 300lb guy running behind me in alpha order...screaming at me to run faster). I DO NOT regret it till this was not for me dropping out...i would have never met my hubby if i had stayed in and finished up the 24 weeks.

3. I've taken 3 polygraphs...and one came out kinda squed...ended up that i freaked out when they asked if i had ever stolen anything b/c a LONG time ago my girlfriend Jaymie and I were working at the rodeo one night and we stole a bright orange cone that was in our way(it was in our way as we were driving out of the parking lot)...we jumped out of the car and threw it in her trunk so we could take it to our favorite frat house and save ourselves a parking space in front! I know i know...we were crazy! That was A LONG time ago...

4. I've had many jobs in my life including: a day care for a few summers, the police dept(in high school and then in college), a travel agency(my favorite job and boss of all time), 93Q radio station handing out freebies, a patent company & Dillards as second job to make more money.

5. I absolutely hate seeing anyone from my past that i worked with at the police dept. Although i don't regret dropping out..i'm very embarassed b/c when i told them i wanted to drop out, one of my favorite sergeants(who i actually house sat for and baby sat for) really begged me to stay. He even said he'd meet me up at the academy on weekends and help me with my running. I still told him no, as i turned in my stuff. Till this day i Can't go back to the police credit union to even close my banking account(which is sitll in my maiden name) b/c i'm scared i'll run into someone i knew back then.

6. My first car that my parents actually bought for me was a honda accord 1986! I was rockin in that car considering they bought it for me my junior year. Then i wrecked it and hit a curb while i was in a fight with my first real boyfriend...and i tore up the car(had to replace everything underneath b/c i went up and over the curb and back over the other side). My parents made ME take out a LOAN and pay for the damage and wouldn't let me claim it on my car insurance. It cost me 3500.00 and till this day i'm sure they STILL think he actually wrecked it...but i seriously did it myself.

7. I absolutely despise frogs. Looking at them gives me the quivers. Paul thinks it's funny b/c Hannah loves frogs and i yell at her if she picks one up b/c i'm scared she'll really get warts or it'll jump towards me!

Well, since i'm on a roll...i thought i'd throw in a few more just for a little extra about me! LOL

8. Before i met Paul i was not very money savvy! I spent money as fast as it would hit the bank. AND all i ever bought was CLOTHES! Lots and LOTS of clothes...and i mean NICE clothes. I never, in my wildest dreams thought i'd be reverted to wearing Target and Walmart clothes...and now that's my whole closet. The only one expensive want i still have is coach purses...which i get about one nice one a year.

9. I have a photographic memory for phone numbers. If you give me your number i can probably remember it forever! LOL! When i worked in HR/payroll at the travel agency i could blurt off anyone's number without looking it up.

10. I'm very picky about my cleaning. NO ONE besides me can do it right...not even the cleaning lady. I like everything cleaned just one certain way..dishes loaded one certain way...scrubbed clean, etc. So, no one bothers to even try to help(which is fine b/c i usually re-do whatever they have done anyway). I also have to have my bead made up one certain way and unless i'm dying sick i make my bead everyday right after my feet hit the floor.

Ok, i know i've cheated in a big way and added a few extra. If you know me, i can ramble on for That's That! I'm done. This gives you a little peak into my PAST! LOL!


Brad & Alyssa said...

OMG I lauged so hard at the meeting your hubby at hooters. Men--they can be so proud of the funniest things!!

Jamie said...

That was fun to read! Nice to 'get to know' you more!