Sunday, April 27, 2008

March of Dimes Walk

Today was the March of Dimes Walk. I was really worried yesterday because the chance of rain went from 30-70%! BUT, the big guy upstairs was watching out for all of us March of dimes Supporters! We had a GREAT WALK! I mean it went by so fast, Melody's husband Ben said "It doesn't seem like we did 3.1 miles...i bet there going to say we have to make the loop again"! LOL! It was AWESOME! Once again, SOOOO much better than last year! The girls had a blast and received lots of treats and ate bananna after bannana! This is the second year we've done the walk and every year i seriously get all teared up when we drive in and see SOOO MANY supporters with t-shirts and families of people that have been truly affected by prematurity! It's soo amazing and i feel so honored to be a part of it all! I'm sure next year we'll be doing the walk again...and again...until we're too old to walk anymore! :) It's always so great to see Melody and her family too! The girls are SOO precious and i know we really need to get them all together for a play date they are growing up SOO fast!

Of course i have tons of here we go:
This is what Hannah decided she wanted to wear to the walk this morning..obviously a punky brewster moment...i convinced her to wear something much cuter!In the car on the way there!Babies sleeping on the way there!
We're there!
Our booth at the walk...they did a GREAT JOB! It looked sooo good!Another view of the booth! Family pic...Shores family pic! Uh..i got the girls looking...although Ben's eye's were closed...guess you can't have it all when you have 4 people and your trying to get them all to look the same way at the same time! :) Me & My girls...Melody and her's...and Ben's sweet mom!Another pic of the girls...with the balloon in front of bens moms face! UGH! Getting ready for the pic...Melody's mom & Katie playing one of the MOMS games...they had all sorts of games to play...the girls were watching getting ready for their turn! Sydney on left, Katelyn on right!Albach twins on left, my girls in the middle and the Vick triplets on the right! LOTS AND LOTS OF MULTIPLES!!Katie looking up in this pic...aren't they just precious??? Sydney won some dice playing a game! FUN FUN FUN!More pics of the girls...i went crazy since i don't see them too often!And the finish line! Paul and the girls at the finish line...we really finished REALLY FAST...Another finish line pic! YAHOO!The after party...Ben, his mom & the girls having some ice cream! YUMMY!Katie smiling! She is just sooo precious!
Sydney, eyes closed with mouth full of ice cream! YUMMY!Sarah wanted her OWN ice cream...she was eating it like a BIG GIRL! The whole ice cream sandwich! Sam ate some of Pauls...i think she got ripped off on the ice cream...You'd think daddy would have broke down and gave her her own ice cream since she was SUCH A GOOD GIRL! They really made me proud today! They were sooo sweet and not one screach the ENTIRE walk! Hannah with all sorts of beads and ice cream! YUMMY! The End!
Again, THANK YOU THANK YOU!! TO everyone that made a donation to such a great cause..even if you had your own walk and raised your own's all for such a good cause and I THANK YOU ALL TOO!! We were so honored to be a part of this wonderful walk and doing so for such a wonderful cause. I still get teary eyed thinking of how many babies are born too early!
Love to all!
The Myers Gang!


Harris Boys said...

what an awesome cause...thank you for walking. we were blessed to have full term babies, but I know so many moms that have delivered premature babies and the March of Dimes is amazing. I get extremely teary eyed everytime I read a story about a baby coming into this world too early. With the help from March of Dimes and so many loving people those babies have a fighting chance. Thanks for walking again!! The girls look adorable as always. I know our kids would have a great time together...too bad we don't live closer!! Katie

BoufMom9 said...

How wonderful & inspiring!
It looks like your MOMs group had a great booth & turn-out!
You should be so proud of all you did today!
* And what big girls to sit so nicely in a wagon for the whole walk!!!

Michele said...

I just wanted to say hello. I came across your site while looking for twin t-shirts. You see, I also have identical twin girls born December 26, 2006! My Noelle and Natalie were 5 lbs, 12 and 13 oz and born by section at 9:15 and 9:17am. I really enjoyed looking through your pictures and I think that triple wagon thingie is awesome!

I can totally relate to your comment about the girls switching personalities. Just as soon as we think we have them pegged, they go and morph into each other again. Twins are so much fun!

I put a link to my website but I haven't been able to update it for ages due to a glitch. There's a link to email us at the bottom of the first page if you are interested.

Michele S., Pennsylvania

Lisa & Gerald said...

Hi Brenda!
I would also like to say thank you for the comment on my blog!Our girls look sweet some times but can be real monsters at times HEHEHE Our fish tank its a fresh water tank .We really enjoy watching the fish and yes its very expensive buying fish after the Ick ..or what ever lol maintaining the tank Whats that lol I don't do any of that my hubbies job. I would kill the fish my bet lol I will feed the fish thats it just enjoy watching the fish is my job hehehe My thing is the flower gardens I just took more pics after I weeded the front garden. After work may put them on my blog. Well hope you have a grea day!

Carrie & Brook said...

WOW! That looked like a busy day!

I love the new pictures and the new blog header.

Terri O'Laughlin said...

OK..I love the 3 part wagon. I must have one. Where did you get it?

Congrats on the big turn out for the walk!