Friday, April 04, 2008

Sick AGAIN! Seriously...

Does anyone know how many times a child can get sick in one CALENDAR year??? I'm thinking at least twice a month x's 2 no x's3 and then add a few more! LOL!

Sarah is getting sick again. It all started out yesterday when i picked the girls up from school...she had a runny nose AGAIN! I swear it never fails! UGH! So anyway, after that i just kind of blew it off but really noticed her nose running. Then last night was a bit of chaos. She woke up crying about 1245a(maybe 1145p...i'm not really's all a haze at that time of night for me). It was a REAL cry and so i went in because i didn't want her waking up Sam & Hannah and or puking from the cry. I grabbed her and took her into the living room to sit on the recliner..which she wanted nothing to do we went into our bedroom and she was screaming by then. SO, i turned on my little end table light and the t.v. and i just held her...she totally fell asleep. After the outburst...Hannah got up and went to the couch! She is also going through some "sleeping on the couch stage" which i hope will sooner or later lead to making her way up the stairs to her own room. We'll see. Anyway, Hannah went to the couch and Sarah & i went to our room. She fell asleep in my arms...i wanted so badly to just hold her all night because she looked sooo peaceful...but i know better. I know what breaking the rules would be for us in the future. I was strong and put her back in her bed...she cried for just a few seconds and went back to bed. Then this morning at 5a she woke up...they've been sleeping till around 530a i knew it was something...but let her cry it out for a bit. Then Paul and i both went in and got them up. Anyway, NOW they are napping..but everyonce in a while i hear a screach. So i know she's on her way down hill again. UGH! I'm sooo upset. We were talking to our neighbors across the street last night on our walk around the neighborhood...she said adeline has only been sick once since she started MDO in Jan. I can't even count on my fingers and toes how many times they've been sick. And it's hard...because one getting sick pretty much means the other will get sick and in turn get Hannah sick! UGH! What is it with my poor babies getting sick! What really annoys me is that we don't get out that much to always be sick...we stay around the house more than we go out. Why do they get sick soo much???!

Oh well, just another day in paradise....haven't i said that before? LOL! Or maybe it's just another part of having three small children. If you think about it...the chances of one getting sick are triple...because there are three little girls all in school...all who have the same chance of picking some crazy germ up from somewhere. ERR!

Now, i put them down for a nap...they normally sleep till about 11:15a, not today..they slept till about 10:45a...after Sarah crying a few times on and off...but it was in her sleep because i went in and checked and she was sleeping...but tossing and turning a ton!

Glad it's the weekend and Paul can help me out...that's one good thing about Paul. I never really say GREAT things about my hubby and how good he really has been since the girls arrived. He is a MAJOR trooper at nights and during the day. When i'm up, 85% of the time...he's up too, maybe not by choice, and chances are that i poked him to wake him up...but none the less...he's up with me. I don't feel so alone in my journey with twins...i know that he is right by my side(even if he's not good at making choices all the time). Thank God we found each other...and though somedays we have tough days making to to the end because of the chaos of having 3 toddlers in the house...he's there by my side helping whenever i ask...and sometimes even without me asking! LOL!!

Well, since today is FRIDAY, we're headed out to the McD's drive thru for some lunch for the girls. I usually am at a loss for what to feed the girls by we treat THEM(not me, i have my normal lean cuisine) to a happy meal. FUN FUN! Plus, today with all the baking i'm doing for the garage sale/bake sale i thought i have a really good excuse to go buy them some lunch instead of cook! :)