Wednesday, April 23, 2008

OK, so I LIED...

I'm definitely ADDICTED to blogging. I just couldn't resist. Yesterday was crazy, so i have to tell ya'll all about my day.

It started out normal..till Paul called and said someone broke into his server. He worked ALL day long...I mean all day, he went in at 630a and got home at 830p! YEAH, that's right...thank goodness the girls went to school so the day wasn't too long for me. HALLELUIA! So, i got a few hours of nice quiet reading time...and the book is ok so far. It's really about these two ladies that talk to hundreds of moms who though that having children was nothing...then when they had a baby it hit them like a mac truck! It's nice to know i'm not the only one that thinks/thought that way. So, it's a semi humorous book about all these ladies...that are putting on these happy go lucky/white picket fence faces in front of their freinds and family...but underneath they are going CRAZY! O, how life is different with children. It made me rich we'd be w/o we'd be traveling all around from beach to beach drinking fruity drinks and taking off from work soo much my boss would have wanted to strangle me! LOL! BUT, my life is RICHER(Is that a word) in a different way now. I know one day...i will miss my girls when they are all in school. I was already thinking about that yesterday. On the way home from work...i kept thinking...Hannah starts REAL Pre-K in Aug...what am i going to do with just 2 of my precious little babies...i'm really going to miss her, even if she's a sassy pants sometimes. It's going to be REALLY WEIRD! So anyway, i don't even know where i was going with this...but the bottom line is, Yes, children do change you life forever...and sometimes it IS REALLY REALLY TOUGH...or at least it is for me. There are days where i seriously have to just walk into another room...still...and take a deep breath, then go back and take control of the craziness. BUT, that's life and one day like i said...i will miss my girls...but i know one day later in life when we're all good friends and i do become their friend and they come to me to talk about their boyfriends and'll all be worth it. And it'll be even more worth it in 30 years when i have grandchildren x's 3! THAT is what life is all about...having children that drive you crazy and then having grandchildren that you can spoil rotten and send home with mom and dad so they get a TASTE of what YOU went through 30 years earlier! LOL!

SO, on to other things. Here's a funny little story. We were on our way to school yesterday and Jennifer had just told Allison about little Jr. and so they called us to tell us that Allison was going to have a baby brother. So, we were talking...and i told Hannah that aunt Jennifer has a baby in her belly right now and on Allisons 4th birthday he should be here. I then proceeded to tell her that she was in my belly...etc. She said "NO, mom i wasn't in your belly". I said "well, yes you were". She said "No, i was not". And we went on and on...i finally said "well, where did you come from?" She said "an egg, that cracked open". WHAT? It was HILARIOUS! I mean she seriously thinks she came from an EGG! And she kinda did...but not the kind of egg she's HILARIOUS!

Ok, so now that i'm just's a lesson i learned yesterday. TAKE NOTE: DO NOT WASH target brand(circo) tennis shoes in the washer and then throw them in the Dryer for 80 Minutes! Yeah, i know, 80 minutes! I learned my lesson we were rushing to get ready for school and i grabbed the shoes i had nicely washed from all the mud from this past weekend...and i couldn't jam their shoes on their feet at all! They must have shrunk an entire inch! I mean they just weren't going to go on their feet. SO, THANKFULLY, as much as my hubby hates it, i ALWAYS buy a ton of whatever i buy in different sizes...AKA the nice white cheap tennis shoes at target. When i found them...i bought size 2-5 b/c i wasn't sure how long they'd have them and sometimes they don't get in more later. Well, handy dandy me...i just grabbed the 5's and put them on....then warned the teachers that they were a tid bit big...but we didn't have a choice! :) Ahh...NOW PAUL...see why i do what i do. I would have been SOL if i hadn't bought all those sizes...b/c they can't wear sandals to school...they are forbidden. They have to wear tennis shoes b/c of tripping and playing outside etc. So, thanks to me...they could still go to school yesterday! LOL

And lastly, i'm slowly making my goal for the March for babies this weekend. I've had a couple of VERY Generous donations that i'm so greatful for...and i've given lots of money myself. So, i may not make my 500 goal...but i think i MAY make 300...which would be great. So thanks again to everyone that has donated for SUCH A GREAT CAUSE! I really hold the March of Dimes close to my heart...and i'm honored that so many people have helped me reach my goal. It's such a great cause...and it's my charity of choice since i've seen through my great friends eyes(Melody) how premature a baby can be born. I'm just soo thankful that Sydney and Katelyn are doing so well...thanks to all the technology we have these days. If you don't know and haven't read that far back...a brief summary of Melody. We were pledge sisters in college. We went astray after i went into the police academy. Then, my friend Jaymie, who still talks to Annette(who is Melodys Big sis in chi-o) told me she heard Melody was also having twins. Jaymie got her number and i called her right away. We went to lunch and started haning out some...and we were six weeks apart. On Sept 1st that changed. She called me about 11a that day(i remember it like it was yesterday because xiomara(our cleaning lady) was there and i saw on the caller id...tx womans. I grabbed the phone and she said "Brenda, don't freak out, but i had the babies". They weren't due till Dec 6th! This was Sept 1st! She told me they were doing ok considering...but that they weight in a 1.10lbs and 1.12lbs. I couldn't control myself...i almost had a heart attack. My Twin pregnancy buddy had just had her babies...over 12 weeks early! I had NEVER experienced or really heard of having two babies soo early(i was obviously very naieve back then) and it was that day that i really began to appreciate what the March of Dimes was doing...trying to find a reason and cure for prematurity. It was that day that i realized that everyday i kept my own babies in..was one day better for them and 3 days less they'd spend in the NICU. It was that day that i realized all sorts of things. Anyway, enough sad stuff...thank goodness the girls are doing fine now...of course Melody still worries...they still have to get the RSV shots for another year and they are definitely more susceptible to things than my girls...but they are otherwise doing really good. We will see them this weekend...i can't wait. I'll take lots of pics to add Sunday after we get back from the big walk! Her girls are just precious and so sweet!

Well, think that's all for now..again...i've written a novel..and i have pics to add later. I took a couple of pics of the girls in their 1 Gymboree outfit they have(i bought at the garage sale before they were born). It's precious...but then i got to thinking...they can't wear this precious little dress to i took them off and put on some target brand dresses. Glad i did b/c when i arrived to pick them up Sam had PAINT ALL OVER her dress...BRIGHT ORANGE PAINT! LOL! It's like a mother intuition kicked in yesterday. I KNEW it just wasn't right to wear those cute little dresses to school! :)

Gotta run!


BoufMom9 said...

HOLY MOLY! You had a lot to say! LOL
Amazing story about your friend's babies! Just incredible when they are born so early and do so well.
Funny about your daughter & the egg! LOL
I completely LOVE that you wrote that about your kids driving you crazy so that one day you can spoil their kids and send them home. LMAO! That is my plan! I think about it every day! (I call it "Nana's revenge" LOL)