Wednesday, January 23, 2008

No More Cough Medicine=One Tired Mommy

Since the FDA decided Cough medicine wasn't good for kidos anymore i had a rough night with my big girl. I'm guessing we're going to be sleeping on the couch for the rest of our lives(thanks to teething and coughing). First it started out with the crying b/c the girls were i decided to take Hannah out to the couch so she wouldn't get woke(is that a word) up from the late night and sometimes early morning crying. We finally got that under control with a bit of tylenol, teething tablets and orajel(rotated between the 3). Then the past few days Hannah's started coughing, which is always a bad thing because sometimes she coughs so much she pukes! YUCK! So to save everyone in the house...i sleep on the couch with her...take care or her and let her sleep on top of beach towels just in case she does wake up and puke from the coughing. That was at least Paul and the girls get some sleep. Last night was definitely one of the bad nights. She slept pretty good till about 3a maybe 330ish. Then the coughing started and hasn't stopped yet. I'm trying to think of any home remedies i can...but nothing seems to work. Tonight i'm going to try vicks on the feet with socks. Last night i felt so bad for her...i gave her some gum to chew so that it may help...just something in her mouth. I tried cough drops(which i know are for older kidos...she swallowed them b/c they were yucky). I tried giving her water but i'm always nervous of this because drinking something in the middle of the night for her always triggers puking. Her cough is weird...very dry without runny congesting, no phlem....nothing. Just a really really dry cough. SO, if anyone has any home remedies that might help please let me know. I'm going to email my MOMS group just to see what they have to say...they ALWAYS have great ideas to help me out.

Right now, my sweet baby is on the recliner...coughing her lungs out. She sounds like a 90 year old man that's smoked all her's so sad.

I guess we'll be on the couch for another few nights. Some days i feel like i'm not married since i live on this couch with her since we have all 3 girls in one room and some days that just doesn't work. I hope and pray soon, she'll decide she's ready to move upstairs and sleep in her new room. I'm actually ready for her to move up there...i just don't think she wants to yet. She didn't even like sleeping on the bed the one night i stayed up there with her. She cried and cried that she wanted to go back downstairs and sleep in her little girl bed.

Yesterday i got to see on of my old friends for back when i worked at ATLAS24. It was SOO nice to see her and we had a great time at lunch. She still works at my old work Part time and then has a job at a church full time. She lives & works out in the woodlands so i went out there to meet her. It's SOO NICE out there. I'd love to move out there sometime and i think the school districts out there are great...but we're probably going to stick with cypress or somewhere out NW. Pauls banking on the new hempstead toll road to be at least started by the time he's driving in from our new house. Right now we have ABOUT 3.5 years before we really need to start worrying about since the girls have 4 more school years before the start Pre-K. Sounds soo far away but time flies when your having fun. It seemed like yesterday i was thinking about the girls going to MDO..right after they were born...and now they are there! YIKES!

On the MDO note: the girls did really well yesterday. They are getting better at going day by day. I did catch ms. Anna pulling out a piece of tape out of Sarah's shirt yesterday. They still don't know who's who, so they do cute creative things to remember. Yesterday she put a piece of tape and pretty much labeled Sarah on her clothes tag in her shirt. The time before they were outside playing and had different jackets on(the both had 2 matching jackets at school) and one had one on and the other had the other jacket on. It was really funny! I guess you do what you have to do to keep them straight. I, on the other hand, still have my doubts that they are identical...they just look so different to me. Samantha has a big head...looks a little more like a boy and her eyes are a bit lazy(that's what Paul said). While Sarah has sweet little bright eyes, shorter hair in the front and a smaller she doesn't cry as much at school where Sam is a big cry baby. I think if Sarah was in the class by herself...she wouldn't cry as much as they do since they are together. Who knows.

Happy Wednesday! Keep warm and's icky here today. Rainy and cold. I just despise days like this...we're stuck in the house all day and i think it drives everyone a bit stir crazy!