Thursday, January 17, 2008

The teeth are coming in...

Both girls are getting tons of teeth. They won't let me in their mouth's very far...but i feel bumps everywhere and i do see that both are getting those last teeth(Sarah 2, Sam 1) on the bottom(to make 8 for each). It's been a good week other than not eating too much and not sleeping. HA HA...isn't that an oxymoron...good week but not sleeping well. Sam is really the one having the troubles. We can put her down and 3 out of 4 days she WILL cry within an hour. The night before last we gave them some Tylenol...they slept great. Then last night we forgot..and Sam was up about 9ish(they go to bed at 8p) crying really loud. I waited a bit and was getting ready to go in and give her some Tylenol and let her sleep with us...but she fell asleep and i definitely wasn't going to wake a sleeping baby! :)

Other than that, not much going on around here. Saturday is Pauls 42nd birthday! We were going to go to dinner but with all the problems...i'm a bit weary about leaving the girls after we put them to bed. For the past 6 months(since julias been gone and we've gotten sitters) i've never been nervous about putting the girls to bed and going out to dinner..but with all these crying spells i'm sure they'll get up crying while we're gone. Then the girls will freak out b/c someone else gets them out of their bed, etc. SO, we're going to wait till the crying fits pass and then go to dinner.

One exciting thing...I'm 100% sure Sam can say BAD. Sometimes when i say "Bad Gracye or Bad Sugar...she says...BAD. The B is pronounced very well. I'm sure she's saying Bad. It's soo i'll say Bad Gracye...and Sam will say BAD! SOOO FUNNY! It's all cute now till they start talking back like my Sweet Hannah does now. LOL!

They are really understanding lots of words. Some examples are..."you want to go change your diaper?" and they'll go towards their room. "You want a cookie" and they run to the kitchen. "You want to go outside and they run to the door and then i say no we have to go put our shoes on and they'll run to the room where their shoes are located. Then i say...lets go put your jackets on and they'll run to the laundry room. You want to go for a walk and they just start screaming...since they can't go to the front of the house where the wagon is located.

Next week Melody has coaxed me in to going to baby book time. She has me convinced that Hannah will have fun as well. SO, we're going to Cy Fair College not this coming Monday(since i think it's MLK day and closed) but the following Monday. It'll be my first time venturing out to where i actually get the girls out of the stroller and i'll be outnumbered in a BIG way! But, we'll see how it works and i'll always have my doggy leash ready in case Hannah gets out of control! LOL! Of course i'll have Melody there to help..except it'll be 5 kids on 2 Moms! Gosh that sounds funny! O how my life has changed in the past year and i love every minute of it!