Sunday, January 13, 2008

3 strikes...Your OUT!

Well we're on our second strike for the week. I'm not sure if i mentioned it before but Sam really got a Gigantic goose egg on her head the other day. I was quite worried about her and kept her awake and made sure her pupils were dilating etc. I almost called the dr. it had me so worried. When Sams happened we were all racing back to the bathroom to get Hannah out of the tub. Paul and I had both grabbed a baby out of the tub to dry off and dress...while Hannah stayed in the tub as it was draining. After the babies were all dressed they saw that i made a bee line to the door of our bathroom to get her before the could get in there and get in trouble. Well low and behold Sam was running and tripped and hit the corner of the trunk we have for covers's at the end of our bed. SO, that happened and things had settled down. Then today, Hannah was dragging around one of my old maternity jackets(not even sure where she found it) and i told her to go put it back where ever she got it she started goofing around and didn't really make an effort to get it back to the right spot. So i told her to hurry it up so we could go play outside. That got her she was running around the bed past pauls night stand to get into our old closet, since that is where she actually found it. Anyway she went running and hit the CORNER again...this time the corner of the night stand! UGH! This time i was horrified b/c it really sounded like she cracked her skull. I mean she was dead on straight into the corner with her forehead! It was horrible. While this was going on i was yelling at paul to get some ice...he didn't even hear me as he was in the little boys room. I kept yelling...finally he heard me and got her some ice. I kept the ice on her boo boo for a while and then we put a band aid on her forehead..just so she'd feel better. How many more corners are the girls going to hit in one week??? This is the worst week for boo boo's, that we've ever had. It's just one thing after the other.

Other than that, not much to report. We had a great weekend...Allison came over yesterday to play so we had a all girls lunch and left dad at home with the babies and H & i went with Aunt Jennifer and Cousin Allison to lunch! We had a great time! The girls had fun...fought a bit...but that's normal for them. They played and played's just so great that they are so close. I pray that they stay close. We weren't very close to our cousins, so i feel very strongly that we should do everything we can to keep them as close as possible. The love each other so much. It's nice b/c they have each other and the twins have each other. So if the older girls don't want to play with the's no big deal b/c each pair can hang out together.

Other than Allison coming over...we didn't do anything exciting this weekend. Cleaned the house, played outside ALOT and went on a couple of walks(since the weather was SOO GORGEOUS). The girls LOVE it outside. They watched Paul and I teach Hannah how to climb a tree. I think we may be getting ourselves into some trouble with that considering ALL three of the girls climb on furniture like monkeys. But i felt compelled to climb the plumb tree and so did paul. Hannah did really good climbing the tree. She got a bit scared when it was time to get down...but she did great climbing up the tree. Sure hope she doesn't try to do it when we're not watching and get stuck up there. YIKES!

All right now i'm just rambling on and it's almost time to go to bed.

But one more thing to document before i go to bed. The twins are doing the sweetest/cutest thing these days. It's what i've dreamed about seeing them do together. They are now hugging and kissing each other. If you tell one baby to go kiss the other...she'll totally go up to the other baby and open her mouth and kiss her. It's seriously the CUTEST thing i've ever seen! I tried to get some video of it..but then they got shy and wouldn't do it. I vow to get some video of it asap...before they grow out of this stage and refuse to kiss each other anymore! :)