Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dr. Stats

Before i give the dr. stats i want to say...Sam got her first goose egg last night. It was kinda scary and i don't remember Hannah ever getting such a big knot on her head. I felt bad b/c if i hadn't started running...they wouldn't have started running. What was i thinking?? Anyway we were all running back towards the bathroom b/c Hannah was still in the tub and i wanted to beat them there so i could get her out and they wouldn't go running over the wet floor. Well as we were all entering into our bedroom Sam just totally tripped and boom..right into the chest that holds blankets. RIGHT INTO THE CORNER! I almost had a heart attack...i saw it and it looked horrible. We immediately ran to get ice...and did what we could to stop the swelling. It looked horrible almost immediately. But 2 hours later and it went WAY's under her bangs so you seriously can't see it. Thankfully she's ok! Now to the stats.

27' - 5th percentile
19.14 - 25th percentile
don't remember the head sizes..but Sarah's head is actually somehow bigger than Sam's. Not sure how this can be...but it is.

27 2/8th's - 5th percentile
20.4 - 25th percentile
don't know her head either.

The Dr. said to keep them away from starches...well they really like them. UGH! They LOVE pasta, bread and green beans. Sam's been turning a bit picky lately...and so i either make her mac n cheese or she won't eat lunch/dinner. I know i should just make her starve a couple of she'll try new things but it breaks my heart and i just can't do it. SO, mac n cheese it is...till she decides she wants something differnt to eat. I know she'll grow out of this i'm not worried about it. The dr. also said 24-36 ounces of milk a day...WHAT? Milk is FAT...why would she think it's ok to give them all that milk but not starches? I'm confused..

As for their progress physically: they are running. If they know they are in trouble..they will run away as fast as they can. It's pretty funny...esp when their's two of them looks like i'm hearding cattle. HA HA HA! Anyway, they aren't saying much yet. They say dada, baba, mama sometimes but not really(seriously they don't say mama..but it breaks my heart that they say dada and not really mama)...i think it's beacause i'm the one always talking to them so i don't say go see mama. They'll learn sooner or later.

Lastly, Sarah has a new tooth that has come in and already broke the skin. It's the bottom second to left tooth. Sam already has now they are finally caught up to each other.