Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Twins first day of school...

Was actually fairly painless...that is, until we made it to Dr. Eisners office for 1 year shots. POOR BABIES...they are exhausted now.

School went very well. I asked to the teachers how they did and she said Sarah was FINE. Sam was a bit wimpy and cried some. She said they were a bit upset when we left...but they took everyone outside and things calmed down some. They played outside and were ok..then she said they'd look at each other and start whining some. She said by the time they had gotten in from play time they were fine. They didn't eat much for lunch, which is a big surprise...since my girls can EAT some food. They then slept from about noon - 2p. SO, they are down to one nap a day if i can stay on this schedule and they are down to TWO bottles a day....but i have to say that the two bottles a day is not enough for them. When they got home from school..they both drank TWO sippy cups each of milk. They were parched from what i could tell. They also a an entire ziploc(not full but about 10-15 cookies each) of animal crackers. They were STARVING! Anyway, they are back on track now. They sucked down their night time bottle and hit the sack! I gave them some Tylenol earlier just to be cautious with the shots. Hopefully they'll sleep good tonight.

Anyway, what a GREAT Relaxing day...besides the flat tire. I'm really looking forward to my Thursday and will probably go meet Paul for lunch! YEAH!