Monday, January 28, 2008

The clothes are done and the babies are sleeping..

So i thought i'd write a Happy Late 13th Month Post. I didn't NOT forget about their birthday, i've just been a bit pre occupied enjoying my girls.

For this post i was to write out a bit about how they've changed and their blooming personalities. BUT before i do that...i have to post a pic of these precious t-shirts they received in the mail the other day from their Auntie Katie & Uncle Mike. I know Aunt Katie doesn't read the blog because they annoy her...but i have to show off these precious t-shirts. I would have actually taken a pic of the girls wearing them...but obviously they don't sit still long enough to get a good pic.

These shirts are not only the cutest shirt they have...they honestly save a ton of time from me having to answer the SAME question over and over again! They actually wore them to the mall the day we played at Memorial city and not once did anyone ask if they were identical or not. So, in case you can't read them since the pic didn't turn out too says: "yes, we're twins/ Yes, we're identical. It was kinda ironic that i received them in the mail Sat night...right after we went to Chilis for dinner and the first person that saw them when we walked in said..."are they identical?" SO, Thanks Aunt Katie...the girls look precious in the shirts and i love not having to answer the same question OVER & OVER again!

Now, on to the girls blooming personalities.

I want to start by saying when i write this...their personalities change quickly so this week...what i'm writing is true...the next things change and the girls have switched roles. SO, for right now this is my take on their personalities.

Sarah is such a sweet gentle little girl. She has the smile that can get her anything she wants whenever she wants. Her eyes are so beautiful and bright and have a gentle look and she melts me heart. She understands SOO much now. Some examples are: "lets go change your diaper", "you want to take a bath", "You want a snack", "you want to go outside", "lets go put your shoes on", and i can go on and on. She's not saying much yet...but i'm sure it won't be long before she's talking like a pro. Right now she says "out" as in gracye out. She also says "bad" as in bad gracye...funny how everything they know revolves around our dog. :) She loves to play outside and adores her big sister. She's not much of a fighter and cries when someone takes her toy away. She loves to eat and drink milk...her favorite foods for the day are the following: green beans, carrots, cantaloupe, crackers, mac-n-cheese, and french fries. She's very good at letting you know when she doesn't like something..she just spits it out. It's kinda funny until you get sprayed by food. She is very physical and loves to climb...on anything. I honestly think we have THREE daredevils on our hand. She's not scared of anything. She climbs on the couch..she climbs on the back on the couch and stand on the window sill...yeah i know it's not very safe...but all i can do is tell her no and get her down. Her favorite hide out is in the kitchen in the cabinet. She will get in the cabinet and shut the door and all you hear is giggling, which is soo cute.

Samantha is such a sweet baby BUT loves to get into trouble. She is usually the instigator and sweet but bossy. Right now she's the leader of the pack. She loves to bite and push and now just lately is starting to come push you if you tell her no. She can also be a sweet sweet baby. She will come up and just hug you and melt your heart. If you say "give me a kiss" she'll open up her mouth and put it against your cheek. She really put alot of thought into things when she's doing them. For instance, if she's putting play coins into a bank...she will sit their for 10-20 minutes playing and you can tell she's really thinking about how it all works. She's not as much of a climber although she follows her sister and will climb up on the couch if they are all up their jumping around. She is also a bit more scared and hesitant when people she doesn't know are around. She's definitely more bashful and reserved. She is the one that cries when i leave her at MDO. Samantha has the most beautiful blue eyes and i really think they are going to keep their bright blue color. Her favorite foods are: Cheetos, pretzels, cantaloupe, bananas, carrots, mac n cheese, any kind of pasta, crackers and she loves cinnamon rolls/toast. She loves the outside and loves chasing gracye and sugar around when we're out in the backyard. I'm sure i could go on and on about both wonderful babies...but i hear one waking up so that's all for now.

Happy Monday!