Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What is it like with triplets and an 18 month old...

One of the ladies in our moms of multiples group had triplets the first of November. She has been taking care of the triplets b/b/g & her 18 month old all on her own for the past 9 weeks! YIKES! So, our moms of multiples group got together and put a schedule together to help her out a bit. SO, today i took my turn since the girls were in school. Gosh, they are soo peaceful! SOO QUIET! I stayed over at her house for 2 hours with the mom and another MOM. We fed them and just pretty much held them the whole time we were there. I just don't remember my house ever being as quiet as hers..even with just twins and a 2 year old. Anyway, the babies were precious and i asked paul if he wanted another one...LOL...JUST KIDDING! I'm probably going to try to go over again next week and help again....it wasn't bad and i actually walked out of her house relaxed...i guess it could have been because i wasn't the one staying up all night feeding babies...LOL!

I took the girls to MDO today...obviously. It went ok. Sam cried as usual. Sarah is so composed at school. She doesn't cry as much...she just doesn't eat. Today the teachers said they really worked and pushed her to eat a bit. They said she did ok and actually ate some food. YEAH SARAH! Sam at...she's just fussy at school but is getting better with it day by day. O yeah they finger painted today for the first time...those teachers are BRAVE...putting paint in front of a 1 year old. Better them than me..right! HA HA!