Thursday, January 17, 2008

Baby Solomon

I got to meet Baby Solomon today! He is such a precious little boy. Amy looks great too! She said he's doing great...but getting up every 2 hours to eat. It's tough on her but great considering he is eating soo well now! I let her borrow my scale so she can keep up with his weight and make sure he's gaining weight. She showed me his "battle scars" and the look great now. They are all healed but noticeable. Poor baby...he's been through a lot for only being 1 month old on the 2oth. They literally had to cut him open and take out his insides to untwist them...then put them back in. Poor Poor baby Solomon. He is just a precious little boy.

On another note, today has been a productive day. I went to the grocery store. Then went to get my window re-tinted(over a year after it peeled up), target to get one of our little neighbor girls a birthday present for her bday party this weekend, and then to lunch with Paul for his birthday. WOW..lots to do. What did i do before i had 2 days a week off??? HA HA!

Happy Thursday...i'll post some pics soon!


MaryBeth said...

Hi- I just wanted to stop in and say thanks for leaving a comment on my blog the other day. It is nice to know who is reading. Your girls are adorable!