Friday, January 11, 2008

MDO - End of the first week

Surprisingly the girls love MDO...well love might be a strong word...but they are doing well. They cried yesterday morning when i left...but by the time i was out the door they were fine. When i went to pick them up they were playing outside so i got to peek out and see how they were doing. They were on oppositie sides of the yard both playing with balls by themself. It was really cute. Ms. Anna & Ms. Caroline are such WONDERFUL teachers...they are just so patient and good with them. They saw the girls started crying as soon as they saw me so they each carried one up to me through the crowd of kids around me so i could hold and hug them both together. It was so cute. I'm so happy the first few days are over with and the anxiety is gone. Now i don't feel so bad about leaving them. Of course next week is another story b/c they won't have been in a while...but i honestly think it's easier on them since there are two of them v/s on all by herself. I honestly feel it's just easier b/c they have their best friend with them...even if they don't get along most of the time...they will be BFF.