Sunday, January 06, 2008

More Prayers and some cute pics

Please pray for Amy's baby who is at TCH in the NICU. He is doing better and eating good(as of yesterday he's finally had 8 bottles)...but needs some prayers to come home soon! It's been hard on them i'm sure...since they have 3 kidos at home who also need lots of attention.

On a happier are a few cute pics from our last week.
Nice pic of my sweet baby girl Hannah, picking her nose! LOL!

Hannah assisting the girls in to the house...i think she was actually pulling them by the back of their trousers!The girls crawling up the stairs...Sarah's new corker bow...Thanks to Sydney & Katelyn! A cute loving pic..This is priceless...they think it's funny to put mac n cheese in their hair while eating...Sam does it more than Sarah..but as soon as Sarah see's it...she does it too!Hannah had to do it too!Playing outside today!
This is what happens when theirs no supervision for a minute or two....Hannah pulls the diaper box over for the girls to climb up on to get into even bigger trouble! Caught them red handed...trying to get the shoes off the dresser! No more boxes anywhere around in the room to climb on now! Hannah & Allison riding bikes in the front yard! Allison in the front yard!Hannah & Allison in the front yard!


k said...

you have such adorable girls!