Sunday, January 20, 2008

Nice but Cold we went to the MALL!

It's been nice today but really cold so we decided to go to the Mall! We had to go out and pick up a server Paul bought for his work out in Katy, so we stopped off at Katy Mills Mall for the day! I have never seen so many twins in one place. I bet we saw 5 or 6 sets of was crazy! I'm not sure if there's always that many twins around or it's just that i notice it more now that i have my own. Anyway, we had a blast and i got to SHOP & Paul didn't even mind! HA HA!

Anyway i bought some REALLY cute cheap t-shirts for V-Day! But as usual, i just can't WAIT to share! So here they are:

Hannah & Sarah goofing around!Sarah...such a cutie!Another cute one of Sarah...What a cute group pic! It's the only one of about 20 that they are all looking the Same way!

Hannah being goofy!

On another note...i forgot how horrible teething can be for a mom & dad! I have literally changed 12 dirty diapers yesterday(so 6 each) and i had to change them all on my own yesterday because birthday boy doesn't have to change any on his big day! Then today, i've changed 5 or 6 and Paul's changed more than me! YUCK!!!!!!! I remember Hannah having alot of icky diapers...but i guess i never realized how bad it'd be when your doing double time! LOL! I just hope the grumpiness stops soon. They are still getting up a couple of times a night for 10-15 minutes crying. But they go back to bed pretty quickly! I think they just want us to know their teeth hurt! I'm sure they do if you figure in what it feels like when your laying flat on a hard bed and nothing to prop you up...gravity must suck for them pretty badly! :(