Friday, January 04, 2008


Had a fever last night(99.7) but seems to be feeling better today. We just can't seem to swing the sickness around here now. It's been going on since before xmas...runny nose, coughing to the point they gag and sometimes throw up mucus and really congested. They had a zpac, but i guess we're back right where we started off again. UGH! I guess i better get used to this anyway since they all start Mothers Day out next Tuesday!

I'm just so relieved Christmas and New Years are over with and we can get back to OUR Normal life...maybe not normal for others...but normal for US! :) I know next year will be better b/c we've learned from our mistakes. I'm also contemplating having a talk with my family about changing Christmas eve to Christmas day...or some other time for that matter. The bad thing about us doing my family xmas on xmas eve is that the girls had already had so many new toys there really wasn't any excitement when Santa came on Xmas day! It was a bit sad for me...Hannah wasn't as excited and didn't really care to even open anymore presents. So, we'll have to do something different next year b/c to us it's all about the girls and seeing their eyes light up on xmas morning after Santa comes to visit.

Next week i take Hannah to the Pedi Urologist. I'm not looking forward to it...but i know it has to be done b/c something is wrong with her girly parts...again yesterday she started saying it was hot when she pottied and it hurt again. I'm my whits end at to what could be wrong. I feel so bad for her...but all i can do is comfort her and wait for the appt.

Today is the last day Sweet Allison is coming over...yesterday went much better than the first day. We did a bit of painting, watched some nogin and they took good naps and i only had to go in my room once to tell them to go to sleep compared to Wednesday where i had to go in about 25xs, threaten to call my sister, threaten to separate them etc. It was Hannah's fault half the time and Allisons the other half. FUN FUN FUN, taking care of TWO 3 year olds...and TWO one year olds. Paul told me the other day..if this goes good don't even think about asking for another kido...HA HA HA!

Alright, that's it for now...Happy Friday!