Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mother/Daughter Day Today!

Hannah & I decided to have a Mother/Daughter day today! We took the twins to school and had plans to go to chuck e cheeses! What a fun day! We dropped the girls off...then went to the grocery store. After that we came home and made our way on over to Chuck E Cheeses! I love the place because you can kinda let the kidos go crazy and you don't have to watch them every second of every minute since everyone is stamped with a magic stamp with something different that only matches the people you came with that day. SO, Hannah played and we had lunch..then i let her go crazy and play whatever she wanted to play. I played a couple of games myself so i could get as many tickets as possible to get her a couple of prizes when we left. She really made out like a bandit! She got a few necklaces, some bracelets & some tattoos!

Other than that we had a rough night last night. Hannah went to sleep..but just wasn't sleeping since she was coughing non stop. She finally puked, just as i thought she was going to do. Luckily i was totally prepared with a little plastic bowl just in case she didn't' make it to the toilet. Today her cough is sounding more congested...which is almost better...because it's not so dry and probably doesn't hurt as bad. Luck would have it that today she's only been coughing a bit...definitely not like last night. It was probably the worst night we've had in a LONG LONG time. Tonight i'm going to put the humidifier on again and see if that helps. I think the dry cough has a lot to do with the dry air from the heater.

That's all for now...have a Happy Thursday!