Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Few pics..

Happy in daddys chair drinking some milk!
Their first artwork from school..they also finger painted some snowmen...but the are posted at school.
Hannah's artwork...cute snowman!
Sarah with chocolate ALL OVER her. She turned on me taking the pic...but if you look closely, it's ALL over her bib..her hands...everywhere! YUCKY but YUMMY!

Here is the big bump from the other day...i know it doesn't look bad...but it was actually REALLY bad to me. Hannah helped me by holding Sarah's hair. Hannah said she didn't need a nap this day...and then fell fast asleep on the couch about 645p.
There's something about Gracye's bed that's appealing to the girls! They just love snuggling with her.
This is what happened after Hannah brought home a dinosaur egg from school in a nest. The nest was actually made of crepe paper...and Sam decided to eat the crepe paper. Obviously it was green.
I told Sam..."say AHHH"...she's so good with directions. Too bad you can't see all the teeth in her mouth!


k said...

i bet you got a green surprise in the diaper later too!