Sunday, January 27, 2008

One teether down...One to go!

After finally getting over the crying jags from Samantha's teeth coming in...we both got one good night of sleep and now we're back to the starting line. UGH...that's the not so exciting part of having twins. TWO of everything including two teething babies! I know this too shall pass....but dear it just doesn't seem fast enough! Last night in the midst of Hannah's coughing jags we decided that Paul would take the coughing and i'd get a bit or rest in our bed. SO, Paul went upstairs and slept with Hannah in her big girl bed. Well about 1020p the crying started...this time it was Sarah. I went upstairs to tell Paul about it and he said he'd stay in our room and i could go upstairs and take care of Hannah. Either way i knew we were both in for a rough night. I long for the day when everything gets back to normal and we're not playing musical beds anymore. :) Anyway Hannah had a good night till about 220a when the coughing started. I did the usual, give her some gum & water and prop her up some and turn some cartoons on. YEP, you read that right...i let me THREE year old watch CARTOONS at 2AM! LOL! That's the only way she's happy when she's coughing up her lungs for hours on end. So that was our night. Paul took Sarah and put her in the bed with him which was a really bad idea because she moves soo much she almost slipped off the bed. He put her back in her bed about 3ish and she went back to sleep. SO this morning we were trying to find out why she was crying so much after Sam just got over it. I noticed her shirt was wet all around the front below her mouth. Now i'm sure she's teething because she's drooling a ton!

Now to my story for the day. We decided to take the girls to the mall since it's still a bit chilly outside and last weekend they did so good at Katy Mills mall. BAD BAD IDEA! We got there and had a blast at the big play thing in Memorial City Mall...but it was starting to get busy and it's really hard to watch both and assist them up while Paul waits at the bottom when they come down. It seriously takes more than two to take care of the twins and one. So we had been playing and were almost done and getting ready to pack up. Sarah decides to take off towards the stairs to go back up. No big deal. So i'm assisting her and Sam's coming up behind. So i turn my eyes for a couple of seconds to help Sam get up and turn around and Sarah is teetering on the edge of the steps. I yell at Hannah to grab her since she was RIGHT there. Low and behold my sweet Hannah just stood there and watched on as Sarah went TUMBLING all the way down the stairs. She seriously looked like a rag doll flying down the stairs. I almost had a heart attack. I ran down as fast as i could leaving Sam at the top...searching for Paul to help but he was on the other side of the play thing. Anyway, to make a long story short...she's fine. Luckily it's not like falling down's like a thick spongie she didn't hurt herself of get any bumps or bruises. She didn't even CRY! So that's that.

After that we packed up asap and decided to go to lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. We got in and settled in to our seats. Sarah was a bit out of control...loud and just a bit obnoxious for some reason. So we ate as fast as possible. Hannah had to go potty so i got up to take her and then all hell broke loose. Sarah was screaming for me at the top of her lungs...there was no calming her down. I got back as fast as i could and tried to settle her down all to no avail. So we packed up as fast as we could and ran out.

As if we hadn't already had enough of the fussing...we decided to take them for a walk around the ice skating rink, which is really feet away from the restaurant. BAD idea. They had fun walking...but as soon as we grabbed them to go Sarah pitched a HUGE fit. She ended up crying ALL THE WAY TO THE CAR...while trying to squirm out of my arms. UGH!

I guess the one thing we learned from the mall experience, is that we need a few more months for them to learn dept perception and stairs before we try to go back.

On that note i'm going to end with a couple of pics.
Memorial City Mall Play Area...Sarah & Sam Making their way up the stairs..These are the stairs Sarah fell all the way down...thank GOD they were soft.Climbing through the nettingClimbing through the tube...they were a bit hesitant at first...but finally made it throughTrying for a group pic...but with 3...does that ever really work? :)Sam sliding down and Sarah watching from the bottom...they loved this slide.Watching people through the little bowl shaped plexi fun!
Just some random pics...Sweet sisters on daddys chair....they sure do love his chair!
Looks like Sam was way too serious and getting ready to attack sarah for messing with her! :)Hannah being goofy...shades and a valentine headband!Not sure what is on Hannah's nose here...but the girls thought it was funny as they tore into their snack drawer!The mess below is nothing compared to some days when they take out EVERYTHING and throw it all over the kitchen floor. Sometimes they even spread it through the house...doesn't always stay in the kitchen!And yet another day Hannah didn't think she needed a nap...she fell asleep sitting up with her water at hand! What a precious angel when she's sleeping!