Friday, January 25, 2008

STILL Exhausted!

Well this is going on 4 nights of hardly any sleep. Hannah is fine all day till she actually lays down. Then all Hell breaks loose! Last night right after Paul went to bed Hannah's coughing jag started. I was up more than half the night. Every time she started coughing i thought she was going to puke. She finally woke up about 930p after going to sleep on the couch around 7p(yep, she didn't have a nap again). She was coughing so bad she woke up crying. It's horrible for me...because i feel soo bad for her but there's really nothing i can do. SO, i give her gum(it's the one treat that will perk her up when she's coughing) and let her have some water and we sit up and watch cartoons. She was so tired from the day she kept falling asleep and then waking up coughing again and again. I finally gave up on having a good nights sleep and played on the computer and kept the t.v. on all night. I even remember waking up at 3a and the t.v. was powering down(b/c it does it every night at 3a). Then i turned it back on so i'd have some sort of night light to be prepared in case she started coughing again. I think my body is just getting used to being up half the night again...although i feel asleep while ago with the girls drinking their bottles on my lap. We all fell asleep, but i put them in their beds and then Hannah started coughing i woke her up to lay her on her little beach towel pallet so she didn't just puke on the couch.

One day i know this will all pass and i'll get some good sleep. I just hope soon because lack of sleep makes me grumpy. On top of all's icky down here in H-Town and we can't get outside at all. Rain and cold have been in the weather forecast for weeks now(seems like months). I need some sunlight and a nice long walk. I wish sometimes i had some help so i could take the girls to the mall and not worry about all 3 going in different directions. This summer i may be able to coax sweet Samantha(our little neighbor girl) into maybe coming with me every once in a while to the mall or to a play group so i'd have a bit of help. It's not hard to go out to the mall as long as the girls are in their stroller...but it's impossible to let them loose at the play area because i can't watch all 3 at once. I even find it hard now to get them out of the car at our house. Once i get one out and put her down she bolts towards the street. Thank God I have Hannah to grab a baby and hold her hand...she does it a lot for me. We even have taking the girls back to the car down pat. I carry one and Hannah holds the other baby's hand and we walk out to the car from Day we get out to the car Hannah stand with one and hold her hand tight...right beside me while i throw one in the car and do the top part of the strap only. THEN, i shut the door and grab the other baby..go around to the other side holding Hannah's hand and carrying a baby and let her climb in the car and then put the other baby in the car and strap her in all the way. THEN i go back around to their side and strap that baby back in all the way. As all this is going on i also have to put bibs on them and give them sippy cups with milk(as they are starving and thirsty on the way home). Then i get in the car and strap Hannah in through the middle. Gosh, that sounds like a lot to do...and honestly it really is, but that's life and i wouldn't change any part of it for the world. Most times someone tries to a door or carry a baby...but if you know me well you know i'm not one that likes to accept help most of the time. In all reality it really helps me not to accept help because i have to learn how to do all these things on my own because there won't always be someone there to help me.

Tonight Paul has graciously volunteered to take Hannah upstairs and sleep with her. I can't wait to see he gets any sleep! HA HA HA! Then he'll see why i'm so tired and grumpy every morning. Today was so bad i was exhausted and could hardly get up at 6a to get my shower before he left. I really need to find some home remedies for coughing. It just really drives me crazy because Hannah can be happy and fine all day with only a few coughing jags...then the night hits and she coughs so horribly. I guess need to try one home remedy at a time till i find something that works. I don't really want to take her to the dr. because i don't feel like she's that sick.

All right i'm just rambling now...i'm going to try to take a nap before the kidos get up from their nap.