Monday, January 07, 2008

The Girls FIRST day of Mothers Day Out...

Today is the twins first day of Mothers Day out...i can't believe the time has come. When we initially decided to put them in at a seemed like SOO far away. Now it's less than 2 hours away! YIKES!

I'm nervous!! I'm not worried about the girls...well i mean i am...but not really. I know everyone their very well and i know they will be very well taken care of at St. Rose. BUT, i'm really scared for Ms. Anna & Ms. Caroline. They are ALL excited about having the girls in their class...but they have no idea what they are in for with my two girls! For instance, when one cries they both cry. They both like to bite each other...hopefully they won't bite other kids! UGH! The fight and pull hair ALOT! They eat ALOT, still spit up/puke some...mostly when they over eat or drink & poop alot. I'm comparing this to my sweet Hannah...that never eats, hardly poops and never really cried when she was a baby. It's just a big difference. For instance...right now they are both right at my feet crying...for what reason i have no idea...i've just learned to deal with their fussy fussy personality. Sometimes i think i just tune it out. But what else can you do?

On another note...i've been really sad this morning...yep on top of worrying about my kidos getting expelled from MDO...LOL...Just kidding about expelled! Anyway, i'm a blog addict..i read alot of blogs...mostly moms of multiples blogs. Mainly to see and compare what's going on with my kidos to someones elses kidos/life. Anyway, i'm sad. Sad because most if not almost all the blogs i read the parents get to take a night away from their kidos. They have friends of family for that matter that help and are excited about helping. For me, it's totally different. Pauls parents would LOVE to help...but they live so far away and don't see the kids much and it wouldn't really be fair to the kids of grandma & grandpa for that matter. BUT, my parents...well that's another story. I'm sure i i begged and begged they may...but most likely not. I don't want to make this a paragraph about bashing my parents so we'll just leave it at that. Mainly i'm just sad b/c most triplet and even quad blogs i read have gotten out for a night alone...and get to come back the next day refreshed! I'm sad because that's not the case for me & paul. We've been with the kidos since birth and never once been away over night. I know Pauls parents are going to take them in the next year or so...but i'm sad that they are the only family that have offered to take them for a night.

Well enough whining for now. It's done, over with and i'll move on and get over it. :)

UPDATE: this morning was CRAZY! My tire went flat on the way to take the girls to school. No out of the car at Krogers, put that foam stuff in, called Paul to come bring his big truck to air it up(THANK GOODNESS I HAVE A SWEET HUBBY THAT'LL JUMP TO COME HELP ME WHEN I CALL). Anyway, he brought the big truck up to Krogers with an air compressor. We aired it up the rest of the way...he came with me to take the girls and boy did they cry. We peeked back through the window as we were leaving and each teacher was holding a baby. Then i got into the car to take it up to Discount tire to have the patch the hole. WELL, low and behold, i had driven on it too long and ruined the tire to the extent that i could have had a blow out. SO, i decided instead to go get a pedi and take it easy. Then i took the truck up to pauls shop so they could get the number off of it and find me a tire(thank goodness paul deals with tires on a daily basis). They ended up finding one at DISCOUNT TIRE...the same place i was sitting earlier. SO, i went back up to discount and sat for a few my tired fixed and now i'm home feet up watching a bit of T.V. I can't's weird without my kidos here crying in my ear every few minutes! WEIRD...but a nice peaceful weird. Anyway, now i'm off to get some more foam stuff on the way to pick paul then pick the kidos up and head off to the dr. for 1 year shots. Nice way to end, what i'm sure is a crappy day for my sweet babies! Boy, they had no idea what a bad day they were going to have today...tomorrow will be better....NO SHOTS, NO MDO, TWO NAPS, MORE BOTTLES, Etc...

Think that's it for now...sorry to ramble on like i'm writing a book...just had to document everything for the future so i can remember and tell the girls all about their 1day of MDO in a few years!