Saturday, January 19, 2008

$19.00 short - I believe in Karma!

Today i had a very weird upsetting thing happen to me. Since it was Pauls bday i decided i was going to go down the street to the new little hamburger joint and get lunch. So to make a long story short...all i had was interestingly a 100.00 bill. So i went to the burger place and took Hannah with me. I ordered our food and was standing up at the front and paid. A lady came behind me and asked the lady at the register if she had a 20.00 bill for a 10.00 & (2) 5.00 dollar bills. The register lady said "no, i just gave all my change to her(as in me)". I said "well i have a 20.00 if you'd like it. She's said "great, i need it for my grand daughters bday...blah blah blah" Something just DIDN'T Make sense to me. Why would you need a 20.00 for change if you were going to give it all to her either way???!! Anyway i pulled out a 10.00 at first accidentally and then said "oops" and gave her a 20. She turned around and walked about 10 ft towards the door and then turned around and walked back up and said..."you only gave me a dollar". WHAT??? I'm 100% sure i gave her a 20. Anyway, i didn't argue i just handed her a 20 and she walked out quickly, jumped in a car with a whole bunch of thugs and went on her way. Something seemed fishy. I just had a weird feeling in my i had been in a way robbed. SO, i walked over to a table and sat down to check my cash...SURE ENOUGH i only had 60.00 now. SO, she totally tricked me into thinking i gave her a 1 dollar bill instead of a 20! Paul and i talked about it and what we think she was going to do was take the money from the cashier...NOT me. Either way i was caught in between and i got ripped off instead. I called the restaurant to tell them(not that it's their fault b/c it's not) and the lady that answered remembered the whole thing. She told me the lady just walked in from outside...she was NOT a patron of the restaurant. WOW...if i had only known. Anyway, i'm over it now...i just hope and pray karma comes back to bite her in the BUTT!

Just read this as a warning...if someone asks you for change and you have a weird feeling..just say NO!


k said...

that's so sad! i hope she'll realize the error of her ways!

i got your blog addy from my mom, who is friends with your mom or MIL, or someone i think! :)

happy sunday!