Sunday, September 23, 2007

A quiet nice weekend - except for my sinuses

It's been a nice quiet weekend except for me feeling crappy. I get this every year. Nothing really hurts i'm just REALLY i've been drinking all day and i'm so drunk i can't walk. UGH! I'm not really drunk...although i'd like to be since i feel so bad...i've just been sitting on the couch all day with my head either in a pillow or pressed against the couch. Once i move it's all over with and i pretty much can't see straight. Finally this morning Paul went to get me some claritin d and i feel WAY better. Last year i'm not sure i got this dizzy...the year before Hannah was a baby and i remember my dad coming over to get me to take me to the medi clinic because i HAD to go to a dr. immediately. This year i know what's going on and i just tried to wait it out. Luckily it has passed for right now. Anyway i sure hope the dizzy feeling is gone tomorrow...i just can't function when i can't see straight. The good part is that Paul took over like a champ yesterday...he even tried to do things my way.

On another note the girls are all doing great. Everyone is well and Happy again. The girls are such troopers when they are sick...maybe it's because i can't baby them when i have 3...v/s when i had one i totally babied my sweet Hannah.

Also, the girls are starting to push off when they are standing on something...i see walking and standing up in the near future. I have this feeling the girls will be walking before they are 1...if they are anything like their big sister they will be walking way too soon! :) I already feel like i can't keep up with them and they are all over the place i can't imagine what it's going to be like when they are walking everywhere.

Also, i can't remember how to reprimand a baby. Sarah is pulling on Sams hair ALL the time. She just grabs it and Sam doesn't know how to fight back. Are you supposed to just let them fight it out...are you supposed to stop them from beating each other up...HELP! I feel like the hair grabbing is already out of control...every time i see Sarah doing it i take her hands off Sam's hair and tell her no...she goes right back to it and doesn't care. They HAVE TO KNOW WHAT NO MEANS ALREADY...i SAY IT 1000xs a day! :)