Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Just some Cute pics

Here are a few pics i thought were pretty cute! Playing in the clothes basket...let's see how long they'll stay there?
Not very long...Sarah is wondering why Sam is getting ready to flip the basket! Note to self..don't put two children in clothes basket b/c it really can tip over if the one standing is heavier than the one sitting...
We love Paul Mitchell! It does a babys hair good!
Another note to self...babies that are crawling don't stay put for long...They will try to jump right off the couch...i have a feeling this is how our portraits are going to look like for a while. :)
Samantha wondering why mommy won't stop taking pics???!!!

Hmm...Sarah must smell something stinky!
What a precious smile...and one of the new bows i bought...too Cute!
Now no one will ask if they are boys or girls...i love these bows!
Sarah is helping daddy cook! She is crawling ALL OVER the place!
Hannah had a rough day of play...she fell asleep like this...looks soo uncomfortable!