Thursday, September 13, 2007

Humberto and more...

First of all i don't think these weather forecasters have ANY IDEA what is going on with Humberto!?! It was just on the news yesterday that all of a sudden there was a tropical depression coming towards Galveston...WHO KNEW??? I sure didn't hear anything about it and i watch the weather everyday! Very Weird! What's funny is that all sorts of schools closed in anticipation of a storm that we didn't get a drop of rain from...funny right?!

Anyway on to my life...

First of all the girls are ALL sick! Now i'm getting sick too. On top of that the girls are reverting backwards and getting up earlier and earlier..I feel like i'm in boot camp to say the least. Who wants to get up at 5a? Sometimes the crying or should i say "crying wolf" starts at 4a. O how i can't wait till they are Hannah's age and i can yell at them to go back to bed! LOL!!!

Second of all now that Hannah is getting sick with round #2...she wants to start sleeping on the couch again. I almost think it may be a good idea as the coughing may be one of the reasons the girls are waking up soo early. But what this means is that Yours Truly has to move to the couch too! I've been in my bed for a total of 3 days since the last excursion out to the couch that lasted 2 whole weeks. Yes. i'm definitely a sucker for Hannah..i know. I think it has to do something with her gagging/puking reflex. You see i hate when she pukes more than anything b/c she is already sooo small that she looses weight very quickly when she gets sick and she's already so thin that i would hate to see her loose any weight. Now, the twins on the other hand...they puke and spit up all day long and i don't worry much b/c they are such good eaters and their puke isn't it's not sooo nasty.

Thirdly, my sweet babies are sick. They have some massive snotty noses. They are fussy...but not anything over the norm. Besides, after their few months of fussiness...i can deal with almost any amount of fussiness! LOL

Fourthly, i'm getting sick. UGH! My throat is still really scratchy and i'm pretty congested and stuffy. How can anyone take care of three children and be sick at the same time??? I guess i'm going to learn really quickly!

Think that's it for now...