Monday, September 17, 2007

Taking 3 kids on vacation entails way to much STUFF!!!

Well i took the kidos to the dr. this morning...they just have colds. Dr. E gave them Z-pacs and told me Hannah may have allergies and that is why the z-pac x's 2 hasn't worked very well. SO we're going to finish up all the meds..then give her some allergy meds and see if that works. UGH! Last night was definitely better than Sat night so we are on the upside of the hill this time. The girls have runny noses and aren't sick we're headed off to good Ole SA tomorrow!

I'm looking forward to going except for the minor packing we have to do...LOL...just kidding about minor. I feel like i'm going to vacation for a MONTH with all this stuff i have to take. To just mention a few things...pjs, diapers, bottles, formula, water, meds in case someone gets sick, diaper wipes, our clothes, the girls clothes, socks, a few toys, a pack n play...and i could go on and on. Right now i'm taking a break...i'm just sick of packing! I'm also waiting on Paul to get home from work so he can get the luggage down for me. Hannah has definitely become very simple to pack for though...LUCKILY! She has one little overnight bag and she's packed. One pair of shoes. a few changes of clothes, sock, pull ups and we're done. YAHOO!

Anyway I will have some pics when we return. Hannah is SOO excited about going. She's been talking about going all day and keeps asking when were leaving and if we'll have lunch there? HA HA! This is the first vacation she's really been on since last May when we went to Pauls bros wedding...not something i want to remember due to the rotovirus. UGh...long story and i'm sure everyone knows about visiting the ER in Arkansas because Hannah just wouldn't quit puking. It was horrible...horrible! Fun wedding and great to hang out with all Pauls family because they are all so nice and welcoming...but horrible memory of Hannah being sick.

Think that's it for now..until we get back Thursday night! Have a great week!