Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The finished bathroom

Well low and behold the bathroom is finally done...just awaiting the final inspection. Can you believe it??? We started on this project OVER a YEAR ago!! WOW!! If i had known all the things we would have to go through to get here...i don't know if i would have changed my mind and not added on or not. Anyway, the outcome is awesome and we finally have a 3.5 bathroom house...the house we will live in until private tuition gets so expensive we can't afford it anymore. I love this house...but it's even better with our new bathroom!!!
QUEEN HANNAH'S Bathtub...notice all the toys surrounding it.
Hannah's shower on left, Pauls on right! :) Where did moms go???
The vanities...with granite and ugly old rugs...who can afford new stuff when you have to pay for this first! LOL!!
The bathtub again...i LOVE the windows that look out into the big back yard!