Thursday, September 20, 2007

Some great pics...

Hannah wanted me to fix her hair...this is what mommy did! I thought it was cute...Daddy didn't!
Taking a nap in daddys arms!
Hannah the butterfly! This was so cute!
Taking a nice nap right after we went swimming! She was soo tired!

This was soo put your body in the place of a butterfly body!
Hannah Loved the elephants
A little rest for the babies...sleeping on the couch while Hannah & Mommy were swimming!
The butterflies eating oranges!
Hannah goofing around!

Eating dinner at the Rainforest Cafe!

Daddy swimming with Sam & Hannah!
Eating on the Riverwalk!
Hannah in her cute little life jacket! She did so well...loved jumping into the water to me!

Oh What a GREAT TIME WE HAD! I'm SOO SAD IT'S OVER! The hotel was fabulous and the girls were sooo sweet! The only really bad thing about SA is that it's really not that easy to get around with a double stroller. BUT once you get the short cuts down and figure out where to go it's nice. We just really followed all the handicap signs and we were just fine. We did have to go up to the street a couple of times...but it was a nice walk and the girls were soo sweet.

Hannah found a new Beau. We met up with Maggie and Chris at the Rainforest Cafe as i stated last night. Their little boy Joshua is such a cutie. I kept asking him if i could have his food...he's 15 months...he'd just shake his head no. When Hannah started sharing her food he was totally giving her food too! SOO SWEET!

The SA ZOO was awesome...and loads of fun for all. Hannah's fav was the butterfly exhibit. My favorite was also the butterfly exhibit. It was awesome. We had taken Hannah to one last year at the museum but for some reason i don't remember enjoying it as much.

The girls are all doing much better too. No one is sick at the moment and that is ALWAYS NICE!